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The Weeping Girl / Bright Lights

Bright Lights launches today at Mumbai. That means today I would be a published author for the third time ๐Ÿ™‚
Posting an excerpt from my story “The Weeping Girl”

He heard the sniffling first, and then the sobs made their presence felt. It being a particularly dark stretch of road, the visual confirmation came last. A girl was sitting on the pavement, feet on the road with her head held in her hands, crying incessantly. For a hopeless romantic at heart, who was a fan of romantic movies, and would swear by the movie Notting Hill, this was a scene that could have been easily lifted out of one of the rom-coms, and yet for all the preparation of watching movies and TV series and envisioning similar scenarios, Jai was surprisingly at a loss for words.

After an uncomfortable thirty seconds, while Jai just stared dumbfounded, somehow he mustered enough courage to open his mouth and the words shout out, โ€œAre you okay?โ€œ

… … …

The thought train in Jaiโ€™s mind was steaming ahead. First of all, that name – Nisha. It had all started with Madhuri Dixit when she had immortalized this name; anytime he met a girl named Nisha he felt an instant attraction and he was not alone in this phenomenon. Many of his friends and acquaintances were crazy after the name โ€˜Nishaโ€™ too. To top it all, almost all the Nishas he had met had been gorgeous. This Nisha was no exception. And she seemed to be interested in him, he was almost sure of that.


Go buy the book now and let me know how good/bad my story is.

Urban Shots Bright Lights

And I would see my name in print one again ๐Ÿ™‚

Urban Shots Bright Lights is coming out in January 2012 and in this anthology too I’ve contributed a short-story. No links are up yet for the book, will put them as soon as the page is up.

Have a look at the cover

Bright Lights is published by Grey Oak and the editor is again Paritosh Uttam. Hope my story and the book is enjoyed by everybody ๐Ÿ™‚

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