Fly Away @ Zurich

Fly Away... by Kunal  on

Fly Away… by Kunal

Tendulkar, Federer and the pull of love

The two careers have much in common. Both are global icons who transcend their sport. Within cricket and tennis they are regarded as the most complete players of their generation. At their best, both have touched a kind of serenity that is beyond the imagination, let alone the ability, of even very good players. Both have avoided controversy. They have little left to prove to anyone.

But I suspect the deepest pull of all is love. Love of the peace that comes with total concentration; love of the craft and the discipline of routine and practice; love of defining and controlling events; love of nervous excitement; love of winning; love of mastery; love of the stage.

via Ed Smith: Tendulkar and the pull of love | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo.

On blogging

Captures my thoughts absolutely perfectly, the only point is – when would I resume writing?

But let me not forget that I belong to Ganga Mail as much it belongs it me, and that I owe my identity to whatever I have written on it so far. The idea, therefore, is to resume writing on it without worrying about what people will have to say. I really don’t give a fuck — so why pretend that I do?

via On The Ganga Mail: The Return Of Ganga Mail.

Notre Dame, Paris

Notre Dame, Paris by Kunal  on

Notre Dame, Paris

Lake Alpsee

Lake Alpsee by Kunal  on

Lake Alpsee by Kunal

On the trail to Neuschwanstein Castle this majestic view of the Lake Alpsee and the small town of Hohenschwangau stops you in your path. Straight from the camera, completely unedited.

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