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The Weeping Girl / Bright Lights

Bright Lights launches today at Mumbai. That means today I would be a published author for the third time πŸ™‚
Posting an excerpt from my story “The Weeping Girl”

He heard the sniffling first, and then the sobs made their presence felt. It being a particularly dark stretch of road, the visual confirmation came last. A girl was sitting on the pavement, feet on the road with her head held in her hands, crying incessantly. For a hopeless romantic at heart, who was a fan of romantic movies, and would swear by the movie Notting Hill, this was a scene that could have been easily lifted out of one of the rom-coms, and yet for all the preparation of watching movies and TV series and envisioning similar scenarios, Jai was surprisingly at a loss for words.

After an uncomfortable thirty seconds, while Jai just stared dumbfounded, somehow he mustered enough courage to open his mouth and the words shout out, β€œAre you okay?β€œ

… … …

The thought train in Jai’s mind was steaming ahead. First of all, that name – Nisha. It had all started with Madhuri Dixit when she had immortalized this name; anytime he met a girl named Nisha he felt an instant attraction and he was not alone in this phenomenon. Many of his friends and acquaintances were crazy after the name β€˜Nisha’ too. To top it all, almost all the Nishas he had met had been gorgeous. This Nisha was no exception. And she seemed to be interested in him, he was almost sure of that.


Go buy the book now and let me know how good/bad my story is.

Urban Shots Bright Lights

And I would see my name in print one again πŸ™‚

Urban Shots Bright Lights is coming out in January 2012 and in this anthology too I’ve contributed a short-story. No links are up yet for the book, will put them as soon as the page is up.

Have a look at the cover

Bright Lights is published by Grey Oak and the editor is again Paritosh Uttam. Hope my story and the book is enjoyed by everybody πŸ™‚

Seven Years

More then seven years ago I was introduced to the concept of blogging by @vidit and I was hooked. Started with some url I do not even remember now, moved to spaceofkunal.blogspot and then I received an invite for WordPress and got the url – kunal.wordpress and have been at the same address for a while. Many times I thought I’ll buy a domain and shift my blog, but two of my constant companions – procrastination and laziness – never allowed me that liberty. Guess I’m stuck here for a while.

When I started blogging, all my initial posts were about my life or the college days. Sports made an appearance some time later (and so did two failed attempts at writing sports-centric blogs), then the topic of Hyderabad. There were months I would blog daily or at least once in two days, and then there were months when my own visits to the blog could be counted on one hand. At times blogging was a stress buster when a pathetic day at work would make me visit this blank canvas and just type away without thinking. After all this was the internet and I was anonymous (not anymore!).

I started writing short stories sometime in 2006, and to my delight people actually enjoyed what I wrote. This boost of confidence allowed me to write more – sometimes pathetic short stories (which even I hate upon re-reading now), and some short stories which I absolutely love even to this day. And then there was a time when I stopped writing about my life, I stopped watching any sports, and I did not have any opinions on anything. At such times bereft on any ideas I turned to posting photographs, and then moved to the most obvious recourse – book reviews. After all I was a voracious reader, and there was no better place to opine my comments! My blog had turned truly eclectic.

And then somehow my book-reviews clicked with the authors, my short-stories got more appreciation. Authors started contacting me for book reviews, my short stories got published in two books – Urban Shots, and Down the Road – and even got interviewed; my blog shifted from being a personal blog to one dedicated to books and book reviews. Well I don’t mind writing book-reviews but I don’t remember the last time I wrote anything which had nothing to do with (a) Books (b) Sports. But then these are the two things in focus right now in my life; since I’ve stopped blogging about my personal life.

This post is quite a change for me, this is a throwback to those years when I blogged without thinking. And true to those days I will not proof-read this post. Seven years of blogging – don’t know when will I, if ever, stop blogging.

Down the Road

I had always dreamed that one day I would be a best-selling author. Well, that dream has come true, although not completely. Today I can call myself a co-author of a best selling book – Urban Shots.

Now that that chapter is close to its end rather than the beginning, it was time to write another chapter. And so I picked up the pen once again, and wrote a short story for another anthology – Down the Road. This book has also been published by Grey Oak Publications and this time the stories are based on the years we have spent or are spending in schools and colleges.

The book will be releasing in a few days and can be ordered right now from Flipkart. The launch events for the book would be starting this weekend onwards, and more details can be found out about the launches at Grey Oak’s Facebook page.

Hyderabad launch for “Down the Road” is taking place this Saturday, on the 9th of April at Landmark in Somajiguda. Inviting everybody for the launch of my 2nd co-authored book.

Book Review: Another Chance – Ahmed Faiyaz

I was reading Bishwanath Ghosh’s blog, and he had written a very interesting thing – β€œIt is love that gives birth to every single emotion under the sun,” and I could not help but agree. It indeed is a very powerful emotion that drives people to madness, and doing crazy things that would not be otherwise considered sane. That madness has been caught on screen multiple times, but on the pages of a book by an Indian author, that emotion has rarely been portrayed. In his book, β€œAnother Chance” Ahmed Faiyaz tries to capture that madness as he pens the story of Ruheen, Aditya and Varun. The love-stuck madness, those feelings have been shown well by the author.

The protagonist of ‘Another Chance’ is Ruheen – a girl who tends to gain the attention of people not suited for her, and she realizes her follies only after being in a relationship. Trying to find a port in stormy seas of life, she meets Aditya – a college friend and soon they are in a relationship. Personal and professional pressures force them to break up, and Ruheen finds solace with Varun – a childhood buddy. Her interactions with them both, and her relationships with them form the story.

The book is a light read. It had a taut plot, and it rarely slacked, if at all – it moves from Mumbai to Amsterdam to Shimla seamlessly. I enjoyed Ahmed’s business writing (whenever he describes the work done by Aditya and others) a lot, at times I felt he should be penning a novel where the plot is based on business, or a corporate thriller πŸ™‚ Coming back to ‘Another Chance’, Ahmed has tried to set a mood for each scene by mentioning the music being played, and describing the surroundings.

What I found a bit distracting in the book was that a bit too many pubs, cafes, and tourist spots were mentioned. It sometimes took the focus away from the story, and I felt I am reading a travel book. Leave alone outsiders, a normal Mumbaikar or a local from Amsterdam may not know of some places mentioned in the book. In my opinion while those things did add credence to the story especially the feel-good parts, but many times (mostly in case of tense scenes) they diverted the reader from the actual emotions being expressed.

Coming to characters, at the end of book Aditya seemed to me as if he was treading the fine line between simply mad in love and going crazy, while I felt the author was trying to portray forlorn, and heart-broken. But without a doubt the depiction of all the characters is done very well – especially Ruheen and Aditya. The story flows lucidly, and it rarely leaves its grip on the reader.

On the whole ‘Another Chance’ is an enjoyable read, a perfect accompaniment for a lazy weekend.

Another Chance on Flipkart, and on Indiaplaza.

Addendum: This is a author requested review.
Ahmed Faiyaz is also a co-author of ‘Urban Shots‘, and both the books – ‘Urban Shots‘ and ‘Another Chance’ released simultaneously from the Grey Oak stable.

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