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Fly Away @ Zurich

Fly Away... by Kunal  on

Fly Away… by Kunal

Ponte alle Grazie

Ponte alle Grazie, Florence by Kunal  (kunald)) on
Ponte alle Grazie, Florence by Kunal

Florence is unbelievably beautiful. Shot this bridge “Ponte alle Grazie” from the oldest surviving bridge of Florence – Ponte Vecchio.

P.S.: my first photograph to have reached “Popular” in 500px.

Colors of Corralejo

Colors of Corralejo by Kunal  (kunald)) on
Colors of Corralejo by Kunal

A beautiful white-sand beach, great company, an empty vista, and the sun bathing the world in its last glorious rays – what else can you ask for?


Venice by Kunal  (kunald)) on
Venice by Kunal

Bright colors, lots of bridges,countless boats and water everywhere – Venice is remarkably beautiful.


After the rains.. by Kunal  (kunald) on
After the rains.. by Kunal

The light rays have traveled afar, it has been a long day and all they want to do is party before the earth spins away. They spy a few drops of water floating about and there is an instant connection between them. The rays speed toward the drops, the drops whirl about in the sky; sparkling, inviting the rays. The rays meet the drops, tango with them, dance with them and turn around in new angles as they party together and paint the sky in an enviable riot of colors.

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