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Book Review: We Can Pull It Off – Suresh Taneja

The biggest problem that India has been facing for quite some time now has been the unchecked corruption anywhere you turn. If you grease them, then only the wheels move; otherwise the wheels metamorphose into a square shape instead of a circle – you are stuck at one place. This widespread problem of corruption and its envisioned solution is what gave rise to the book “We Can Pull It Off” by Suresh Taneja.

Four young adults get a dose of the corrupt system when they encounter a shady cop who asks for bribe. They encounter a few more similar incidents, and decide to do something about it. While brainstorming, they hit on an idea that seems to be a solution for tackling the problem. The book is about the idea they have, how they implement it, and the fortuitous coverage they receive in the mainstream media. Everything just falls into place as they lead India to be the foremost country in the world.

The book has an interesting plot. The idea presented to combat the rampant corruption in the country is actually a very simple idea, and if implemented properly, could be a effective one too. Although the cynic in me could see the problems faced, and how a person could game the system, even then the idea is laudable. I would actually love to see something like a CDI (Corruption Density Index – as mentioned in the book – a rating of how corrupt a person is by his/her own children) being implemented.

Coming to the characters – there were no characters. All the characters spoke as if they are one and the same person. Everybody is painted in shades of white and a few of them are black before turning white when confronted. This book world has no scope for the gray characters. Initially in the book I was confused when 10-12 characters were introduced in a single chapter. Later I realized that it is not a problem, as they all spoke in the same manner. Even if someone does not concentrate on who is speaking, and just understands “what” is being spoken, that is enough to follow the story.

The book tackles a very serious problem, in a surprisingly refreshing read. Even at 160 odd pages, there were a few extra pages with repetitive incidents and talks among the protagonists. On the whole this book is a decent read and can be a good accompaniment for a lazy afternoon.

Suresh Taneja emailed me on his drive for writing the book,  “I want the book to promote introspection amongst the people to do something about the mammoth problem being faced  by us.”

Addendum: This is an author requested review. I was contacted by Suresh Taneja to review his book.

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