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There he was. Finally I had found my prey. But he was moving fast, and to hit a moving target is always difficult. Ask anyone who has played Quake3, and he’ll concur. But what is a kill without some difficulties? It is always easy to hit a stationary target, where is the fun in that? I intoned, ‘Challenge accepted’ and determined his line of motion, his speed, and decided on the specific point where I would take him.

My timing would have to be perfect, a split second difference, or a small hesitation and the prey would get away unscathed.

He was getting close to the kill zone; I would have a window of few seconds to complete the deed. I looked around and found nobody else in vicinity – made my escape a lot easier.

Five steps and he would be in the kill zone; I gunned for it. I revved my bike, hit the top gear, and as soon as he was adjacent to the water puddle my bike screamed through it. In the rear-view mirror I saw his white trousers gain many brown polka dots.

I smiled, that was satisfying! Time to hunt for a new prey.

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