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Amazing start by Schumi, overtaking Vettel, Button on the first turn…

Alonso didn’t stand a chance, Schumacher had been gaining on him steadily …

They are trading blows faster than Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier … what stunning maneuver by Schumacher to snatch the lead from Hamilton…

Schumacher returns with a win!

I stop daydreaming…

The heart is ecstatic that Schumi is back – it hopes to see him kick Hamilton’s ass; the brain says – don’t expect too much, he is an old man now!

Hoping the heart is right!

On Hamilton and his driving

You love Lewis Hamilton, or you hate him – but there is no denying that he is currently the best driver on the circuit. With Kimi struggling badly, Alonso in a mediocre car, and Massa never being a natural driver, it is not difficult to find the best car+driver combination in the circuit.

But I am not writing this post to praise him; instead this is about his sportsmanship, or rather the lack of it. Till yesterday I had been neutral to him, but now I’d really hate it if he wins the Drivers’ Championship. Yesterday at Monza at times he was lapping 2 seconds faster than anyone else on the track, and even then while overtaking he was forcing the other cars off the track. Ok, I understand he started 15th and had to race brilliantly to get in to the points – I am not denying that he did not have a brilliant race, his driving was amazing – but why the unnecessary shoves, and nudges? He forced Mark Webber outside the track, when overtaking Alonso he immediately forced his car in front of the Renault making Alonso take evasive action even though Lewis had the track, and the speed to cross Alonso comfortably. And this was not just an isolated incident; there were many such incidents where even when he had the firepower to overtake easily, he was forcing other drivers off the track, and take evasive actions. Hamilton drove wonderfully for the 7th position, but he crossed the thin line that separates aggressive and fair driving from unsportsmanlike and unfair driving.

Hope Massa wins the Drivers’ Championship. Vettel was awesome – deservedly won the race – and so was Kubica. Hardly anybody noticed him till the last few laps – when it was clear that he’d have a podium finish to show for BMW’s awesome strategy, and his near flawless driving.

Bloglets-2: Of Sports and more Sports

Looking forward to the final race of the season on Sunday. I have no favourites; I just wish that Alonso does not win the Driver’s Championship. Kimi or Hamilton, any one of them would do 🙂

I want tickets for the Sampras vs Federer match 😦 Will need to check the TV schedules, where and when is it being televised live.

I understand why there is brouhaha over the senior players in the Indian Cricket team, considering that a team not having any players aged over 30 (not counting Agarkar, as he hardly contributed anything) won the T20 World Cup. What I fail to understand is why are the three (SRT, SG, RD) being treated as one entity by the media? They are three individual players, with very different styles of playing with very different fitness levels. Treat them individually, not as one entity. I still feel SRT is the best batsman India has, although I would not deny he does not have the same destructiveness he used to have in late 90s, but then has the media heard about something called “maturity”. Anyways go and read this, Rakesh puts it in a much better way then I can.

Viswanathan Anand rocks 😀

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