Fatherhood Tales

I live to eat and sleep well, and most of the people I know will agree to one if not both; one of the biggest opponents of my life-mantra is my dear daughter. Why does she hate sleeping? And why does she hate eating good food, and no I am not talking about the baby-goop that is branded and sold as full nourishment for your kid, I am talking about absolutely tasty food made by the wife in shuddh-ghee. I would lick the plate clean if presented with that, take a nice loud burp and toddle off to sleep, not my daughter – she would take a look at it, scoff at the insolence of her parents that they gave her food, turn to the closest non-food object, pop that in her mouth and toddle off to tear apart another paper in small pieces. At least for the sleep part I can understand her logic – why waste it sleeping when you can spend that time making mom-dad turn tricks for you?


I don’t know how, but she seems to have picked up a few political genes as well. She won’t do anything until her palm is greased. “Want me to take a bite of food? First give me your mobile-phone.” “Another bite? Jump up and down for me.” “Another one? Only if you let me go out of the room after this bite.” “More? I need Dad’s glasses before I can promise anything.” “Are you trying to stuff me? I need to watch that video on youtube.” “Are you kidding me? I already ate 5 bites and I refuse to yield with even all your pressure. I am not a politician that I will agree if you promise me more.”


I remember some research that kids start lying early, I can provide conclusive proof to that. If I am ignoring the kid, and she wants my attention she will resort to all tricks possible. She will blow her nose like it is running so that I check all is well, “OK Dad came and went back seeing my nose is not runny at all. Time to step it up a notch.” Next she will shout putty (no, she is not talking about the ssh client – although can’t be sure with kids of this age) instead of potty and hope for the best. When another check reveals her lies, she will resort to the safest bet: shout “dudhu” or “pani” – after all which Dad can ignore a plea of hunger? I will pick her up and get a glass of water for her. Mission accomplished!  🙂


Absolutely enjoying this phase, should have started writing these fatherhood tales earlier.


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  1. 3 Rakesh December 12, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Riding the same boat dude and cant agree more with you.. Our troubles have increased much more after coming to Seattle.. In India she used to follow the US timings.. and after coming here she has started following indian timezone.. wakes up at midnight.. keeps playing till 3am.. when we give up our attempts on making her asleep, she finally shows some mercy and goes to bed 🙂

    what I have seen with many modern day kids:
    1. youtube
    2. mobile phone
    3. tablet
    4. laptop
    5.all useless things lying around house

    1. food
    2. sleep
    3. Mummy
    4. papa

  2. 5 somya December 12, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    hahahahh!! that is sumthing she should read when she grows up… its tooo cute!!

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