Of Diwali, Fall and Winter

Till today Diwali used to mean lots of hustle-bustle, fliers screaming sales, being forced to clean house (at times), applying for vacation 2 months back, and booking train/flight tickets even earlier. Never realized how integral these things had become in my life till today when I am celebrating – no that is the wrong word, there is no celebration here – spending my Diwali in office working more hours than usual to cover for people in India who are enjoying this day. For the past 2 days I have been avoiding Facebook like a plague as the posts and photographs only serve to remind me of what I am missing. I know today is a special day, it even feels the same way but I am forced to treat it as a normal working day. For me this is the first Diwali as an expat, and I am hoping all my subsequent Diwali’s are at home in India.

Enough depressing talk, I think another factor responsible for it is the weather. I don’t mind the cold, but give me some sun! 1-2 hours of sunshine is enough, but here the weather has been dreary for the last few days. The fall is at an end and as the Starks’ say “Winter is Coming”

"Winter is coming" by Kunal  (kunald)) on 500px.com
“Winter is coming” by Kunal

Enough talk, hope everyone has a safe and really enjoyful Diwali!


2 Responses to “Of Diwali, Fall and Winter”

  1. 1 mythalez November 13, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    haa …

    for the first time in the last 6 yrs, I am at home for diwali ….

    seems like we exchanged places 😛

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