Book Review: God Save The Dork – Sidin Vadukut

Update: So this comic trilogy has its final installment out. Can’t wait to read “Who Let the Dork Out?”. Hope it is as enjoyable as the previous two books.

Sequels are tricky business – be it movies or books. Most of the movie sequels fade in comparison to the original. Very few sequels do justice to the original. Similarly with a book, the sequels first of all need to live up to the reader’s expectations (the readers are definitely going to have high expectations, as the first book would be invariably good to warrant a sequel) and the author would need to build on the existing concept to keep the reader engaged. Thankfully these days the sequels I’ve been reading – all of them are engaging enough. Maybe it is easier to write a sequel to a book since the author remains the same; with a movie the director can change, the editor may change, and many other external factors impact the end-result. But then I am a layman to sequels, except reading/watching them.

On Saturday morning I lay my hand on the sequel to Dork, Sidin Vadukut’s second book – ‘God Save The Dork’, and I spent the weekend reading the book and I can say with assurance that my weekend was good. The protagonist Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese is now in London and a new company is at the mercy of his consulting antics. Following a storyline similar to the first book, here too Robin strives to be a star-performer and how he manages that among his innumerable goof-ups is what makes the story.

I’ve always maintained it is difficult to write humour, and very few people have a knack for it. Thankfully Sidin seems to have a few funny bones in his body and comes up trumps in handling the humour. Although there were a few old jokes which I had read on internet earlier, but then those were just 2-3 instances. The story is mostly easy to follow, but since this book is in the form of diary entries there are a few gaps and keeps going off on tangents – but then that is what makes the book different from any other book.

If you enjoyed ‘Dork‘ definitely pick up ‘God Save The Dork‘, you would not be disappointed. Now hoping that Dork-3 is equally hilarious and continues the fabulous topsy-turvy journey of Robin Varghese.


6 Responses to “Book Review: God Save The Dork – Sidin Vadukut”

  1. 1 Pritam (@KumarSinha) November 15, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    good assured review mate as I have just received my copy through flipkart and read that soon obviously, am a Sidin fan so…let’s see

  2. 2 Harjot singh November 27, 2011 at 3:47 am

    God Save the Dork – Dorky corporate humor
    Having not read the Original “Dork”, I hadn’t the slightest idea of what to expect. Except some reviews that were all gaga for first book and good enough for second book, I was totally uninitiated.

    The story continues in the same universe where the last book ended. There are abundant references to the first book in the current story, which kind of irritates and takes your mind off the current topic at hand. One keeps wondering what the mentioned ‘incidents’ were and how it affected The Dork. Naturally, story revolves around the hero, Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese; who is working on client side at their London office and trying to improve the organization qualitatively. While doing so he has to attend to his personal agendas as well, that include but are not limited to, an irritatingly nagging girlfriend and a crush on a colleague. Considering the fact that the project is not going very well, it seems out of place.

    First half of the book is pretty good and is very humorous. it has some very funny situations and at times there is a feeling of deja-vu. Story stretches a bit towards the end and one can’t help but longing for it to end. After a while it feels like an endless narrative of a smart-ass, jargon spitting, corporate worker. Just like a Bollywood movie,the detail is lost towards end and a wrap up is performed. As a result somethings are left on reader’s discretion. For people, who don’t know about short selling or equity markets, the end might not make sense as they won’t know what happened actually and how an investment in company that eventually goes bankrupt can yield millions.

    Verdict: Good read if you have time to finish it in one sitting. Four reading hours should be enough. Some good punches that will actually make you laugh. A tale only a Dork would cherish.

  3. 3 mythreeangels November 30, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    Had a complete blast reading this sequel. Was initially worried that the same style of humour and incidents might make it seem jaded but somehow Dork comes on top. And some parts really had me howling in laughter. Worth a read for sure

  4. 4 Michael Kendal z January 6, 2012 at 11:35 am

    I suspect that when I complete this Leonard anthology I have another one on the way Iā€ ll post a full review.

  5. 5 ryd February 4, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    this books concept is good but language is horrible rubbish all type of negligible abuses have been used not once but on each page 10s of time
    it should be censored

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