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Book Review: Fate, Fraud & a Friday Wedding – Bhavna Rai

Recently I finished reading Fate, Fraud & a Friday Wedding by Bhavna Rai. The book follows the protagonists across a decade as they come to terms with their lives while juggling their careers, relationships and friendships. The book follows Tara, Anand, Neel and Jenny and their lives in USA and Delhi. The lives of the protagonists are inter-connected as their work centers around the same product and Tara fits in as the love interest of both Anand and Neel.This book follows the personal and professional lives of all protagonists and has given equal importance to both – the business meetings as well as the personal ones.

The book is fast paced, and the story has no apparent gaps in it. All the main characters have been sketched in detail, and after some time reading the book I could easily second guess their actions. This is powerful writing on the part of Bhavna Rai that the reader could so easily understand her protagonists. Both the male protagonists have shades of grey in their characters which makes them very realistic. Although this is mainly a book concentrating on lives of contemporary urban people, what I enjoyed most was the business writing. The business dealings, the insider trading, the workings of a BPO and an IT company – these made for far more enthralling reading than the chapters dealing with the personal lives of the protagonists.

Although the pace of the book rarely slacked, and the editing is top-notch; even then I felt that it was a long read. Maybe it is because these days I expect such contemporary books to be around 200 pages long; if it is a long book then my expectations change a lot – I feel it should be a thriller, or a fantasy novel, or a Jeffrey Archer book, or some book that promises much more, but then it is a matter of personal choice. And somehow I did not like the title of the book, it was not catchy enough. Guess the author has the same problem as me – I spend more time trying to think up a perfect title for my short-stories than I do writing them and even then I rarely like the titles I can think of 🙂

On the whole it is a delightful read, a good companion for a lazy weekend when you decide to stay indoors to avoid these stupid rains!

Addendum: This is an author requested review. I was contacted by the author to review her book.

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