Tale of a Marriage…

… in the form of subjects of emails to a community forum.


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 Sender   Subject   Date
 K. Ravi   Pointers to travel agents who manage foreign trips  Jun 08
 K. Ravi   i10 vs WagonR vs UVa – any opinions?  Oct 08
 K. Ravi   Weekend getaways around Hyderabad?  Feb 09
 K. Ravi   Need contact of good astrologers in Hyderabad  Jan 10
 K. Ravi   Need information regarding Birth Stones  Feb 10
 K. Ravi   Any place where we can go for a day-trip from Hyd?  Jun 10
 K. Ravi   Looking for a priest who can do Gruh-Shanti Pooja  Sep 10
 K. Ravi   Looking for a priest who can do Satyanarayan Pooja  Oct 10
 K. Ravi   Pointers to good Marriage Counselors in Hyderabad  Dec 10
 K. Ravi   How to transfer ownership of car from wife to husband  Feb 11
 K. Ravi   How to convert a joint home loan to single person loan  Feb 11
 K. Ravi   Need pointers to lawyer specializing in Marital Cases  Mar 11
 K. Ravi   Selling household stuff  Apr 11
 K. Ravi   Looking for roommates  May 11


P.S.: This is a purely experimental format of writing a short-story. Inspired by an email I received in a community forum.
And obviously, this is pure fiction 🙂


15 Responses to “Tale of a Marriage…”

  1. 7 delhizen May 30, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    This is interesting! The Chronicles of a short-lived ‘forever’ relationship?

  2. 11 Rakesh June 1, 2011 at 10:48 am

    I think I am still part of that community forum. Will cross check to see the fictional quotient of the post 😀

  3. 15 Vivek November 5, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    Almost skipper it thinking it as some snapshot.
    I liked it. Nice and innovative.

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