Connect the following: Cricket, Moon, Tea

Unlike the normal Indian Railways train. the thought train runs a bit too fast, and how two completely unconnected things find a connection is uncanny. The brain sits idle for a few minutes and the trail of thoughts becomes so long, that it is next to impossible to trace back its route.

Yesterday while watching TV I saw the ad of the upcoming India-SA series, and felt good that now at least two evenly matched teams would be playing Cricket instead of the sham that is going on in India. As the NZ team stands now, India can play its under-19 team, and still win the match. This reminded me of the test match that I saw at Hyderabad Cricket Stadium few days back where I experienced the complete gamut of weather phenomenons. In the morning it was really cold, the afternoons were scalding hot, and then the rains descended. With the cloud cover, it really got very dark in the stadium, and what was being telecast on TV was a bit too bright than the actual conditions. The sun looked like a moon under the cloud cover.

As I thought of moon, I was reminded of the telescope I used to have and how clearly I could see the craters on the moon. The craters of the moon reminded me of this shot“an abstract moon shot” as Alosh succinctly put it. I had used this shot, in a post I had written about tea – Tea Tales. Now that the thought train had latched on to tea, I could not help but remember the tea I had had in Amarkantak a few years back. We had got up before dawn to catch the sunrise, and once the sun did rise and rose the temperature from 1Β°C to 2-3Β°C, all we needed was tea. We trooped off to find a tea-stall, and that day I drank the tea as soon as it was poured from the boiling kettle to the glass. That incident reminded me of a candid photograph I had shot almost a year back at Raipur of a couple drinking hot tea to ward off the chilling winds.

Nothing beats a cup of hot tea on a chilly morning

Feels good to be scribbling random unconnected thoughts on the blog.

And yes this complete nonsense that I wrote was with the sole purpose of posting this photograph πŸ™‚


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  1. 1 mythalez December 12, 2010 at 6:35 am

    dint u post this picture before? I somehow remember seeing it earlier πŸ˜›

    and good that you wrote a few paragraphs to lead up to it … i tend to prefer reading πŸ˜€

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