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Book Review: The Storyteller’s Tale – Omair Ahmad

Sometime last year I bought the book “The Storyteller’s Tale” by Omair Ahmad after reading a glowing review of it on one of the many blogs that I follow. But as it happens, I bought at least 4-5 other books when I bought this one, and I concentrated on the other books and promptly forgot about this one.

Recently when I shifted houses and was arranging the books, this book happened to catch my notice as one of the few books that had been left unread by me. It took two hours to rectify the situation, and I am glad I gave the two hours. The book was thoroughly enjoyable.

The book is set in 1700s and is about a storyteller who has to leave Delhi due to attacks by Afghans. He is invited over by a bored Begum in some small village where they share two stories with each other. The first one narrated by the storyteller was not that great, but the other three stories had my complete attention.

It is better to read the book in one go as the last three stories are built on top of each other. And that is an easy task as the novella is only about 120 pages.

It has been ages since I’ve written anything properly, and it shows in the pathetic command I have over the written word right now.


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