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Amazing start by Schumi, overtaking Vettel, Button on the first turn…

Alonso didn’t stand a chance, Schumacher had been gaining on him steadily …

They are trading blows faster than Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier … what stunning maneuver by Schumacher to snatch the lead from Hamilton…

Schumacher returns with a win!

I stop daydreaming…

The heart is ecstatic that Schumi is back – it hopes to see him kick Hamilton’s ass; the brain says – don’t expect too much, he is an old man now!

Hoping the heart is right!


A Social Animal

After many years of chastising the social networking websites’ users over any possible positive use of facebook, orkut et al – having deleted his own account years ago because of the simple reason: he hated socializing – he finally found a positive use, though slightly debatable, and promptly opened his facebook account.

Texas Hold’em Poker awaited him.

A tiny amount of persuasion from @vidit & @_skp was all it took for me to rejoin a social network for the sole reason of playing poker with friends. Played Poker as soon as I joined, but unluckily the beginner’s luck was missing. Maybe, next time lady luck will ride with me 🙂

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