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On Hyderabadi Roads..

With the amount of driving I do in Hyderabad, I keep seeing weird things, and keep having strange experiences. For a long time I thought I’d make a category called “Road Tales” or something, but let it be 🙂

I observed the following over a period of past 2-3 months, but never got around to blog about it… Penning the observations today –

Why have the foot-over bridges being constructed? The one that is constructed at Ameerpet surely sports a deserted look. I have used that bridge 2-3 times and never once I have met another soul up there, and no, Ameerpet has suddenly not become traffic free, all people who wish to cross the road put up their hand, halt the bikes, autos, cars, buses in mid-road and cross over nonchalantly – right under the shade of the foot-over bridge.

This incident pales in comparison to what I witnessed yesterday. There is another foot-over bridge near LV Prasad Eye Hospital. Yesterday while returning home there was a small traffic jam there – generally that road facilitates a very smooth drive, and this was an aberration. The reason for the jam – a traffic cop has stopped traffic so that people can cross the road, I have no problems with traffic cops helping people cross the road, but come on how can one be so blind that he is unable to see the bridge that is just 10 meters away!

For the first time in my life I saw a cop chase a car as it had jumped the signal. A red Maruti Swift was chased down by a cop in a bike – definitely first such sighting for me.

I have a newfound respect for the cops, at least one. I had stopped at the traffic signal near Lumbini Park and a traffic policeman was checking a bike rider. I saw the guy offering a note to the cop and him refusing that. I hope he refused it because he was honest and not that he was asking for more.

On another note, there is a traffic cop in Madhapur whom I have regularly seen accepting bribes. A lean guy, with a moustache – looks quite comedic when he tries to look mean…

I saw this happening right under the Ameerpet foot-over bridge. As I was walking towards the steps to the bridge I saw a small crowd surrounding a guy. Anyone remembers the 70s movie where a guy on a roadside is dealing cards, and people are betting? That was what was happening there, a guy was fiddling around with 3 overturned cups and people around were guessing under what cup lay whatever was to be found. Mostly I saw 10 & 20 rupee notes, but there was one guy (an auto rickshaw driver, evident from the trademark khaki vest) who bet 100 bucks, lost it and on the next bet, promptly pulled out another 100-rupee note. What was the outcome of that bet, I do not know; but I left wondering at the sheer stupidity some people possess!

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