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A Perfect Weekend

French Open, Euro-2008, and the Canadian Grand Prix! What more could you ask for?

I have always been anti-Federer; the way he demolishes every player on any surface other then clay – has made me anti-Federer. But yesterday I seriously pitied him, he has humiliated by Nadal in the French Open Final. Almost everybody knew that Federer would lose to Nadal on clay court, but nobody would have expected him to lose a set 6-0! It was not as if Nadal was playing on some other level, he was playing his natural game, but Federer’s game was pathetic. Why would Federer want to play a volley from the baseline when Nadal had hit a rasping return on Federer’s weak second serve? Gael Monfils, after losing the semi-final to Federer, had said, “But those are not dropshots. I don’t know what they are, but these are not dropshots. His balls were not bouncing up at all. They had a spin effect. I’ll ask him to explain to me, because I don’t know what these were.” Yesterday on more then one occasion Federer’s attempted drop shots did not even clear the net. I feel he peaked at the semi-final stage and had no fuel left for the final. Come on Federer, I expected more of a fight from you!

Ivanovic defeated Safina in straight sets, but that was an amazing match. The quality of play in the Ladies Final was worthy of a final – ok it was not the Steffi Graf, Navratilova quality, there were lots of nervous moments – but both being first time finalists with both vying for their first Grand Slam title, that was normal. The latter stages of the second set had some high quality rallies. Safina fought hard, but Ivanovic was a worthy winner.

F**k you Hamilton! You were on the verge of becoming the F1 champion last year, and you do not know how to drive in the pit-lane, you don’t know what the pit-lane rules are when there is a safety car out! You screwed your race, fine – not a problem, but why did you have to screw Kimi’s race 😡 … Anyway, this threw up a new champion – Robert Kubica… Since last year he is the guy I root for after the two Ferraris 🙂 He had a flawless race, especially the segment between the laps where he made his first and second pit-stop. He was just 11 seconds ahead of Heidfeld (who was on a 1-stop strategy) when he returned to the track after first pit-stop, and he had opened a big enough gap before he made his second pit-stop – awesome! Massa was great to get to 5th spot after being 18th at one stage, some of the overtaking maneuvers he pulled out were just unbelievable; but I feel Massa is a good driver when he is in a hopeless situation. Rarely have I seen him get to top after starting from second or third row. His strength is his Ferrari, not his driving skills – Kimi, Hamilton, Alonso, and maybe Kubica too are much better drivers then he is. Next year, I’d love to see Kubica starting in a Ferrari. He will surely kick some ass 😀

Euro-2008 has kicked off, and there have been good matches, and some boring matches. For me the best till now was yesterday night’s Germany vs Poland. The Gomez pass to Klose that set up the Podolski’s first goal was perfect. Hoping for more high class stuff in the coming days 🙂

By the way, the Ind-Pak-Ban tri-series has started. Came to know of that when I opened Cricinfo today morning 😛

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