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Kishore Kumar

Recently I have rediscovered Kishore Kumar. I had been listening to the usual mix of Hindi and English songs for quite a long time, and was getting bored. In the past 2-3 months none of the new songs had impressed me enough to stake a claim in the favs.m3u Winamp play-list.

I had no idea what all songs I had on the hard disk – there is clutter even in my songs folder, ala the real life – I was scouring through it when I saw the Kishore Kumar song – “Pal Pal Dil ke Paas” (I think it is from Blackmail, although not sure), an instant double-click. Humming along the song, I found lots of hidden gems – “Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara”, “Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si”, “Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi”, “Chala Jaata Hoon” and many many more songs.

I do not remember the music of “Speed of Sound” or the lyrics of “Lemon Tree” or the guitar of “Hotel California”. All I care right now … Actually I do not care about anything right now. Kishore Kumar has put me in a trance, and my fingers are disconnected from my brain. As I type this, humming “Mere Saamne Vali Khidki Mein”, I feel oddly contented.

Go listen to some Kishore Kumar songs 🙂

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