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Today morning on an atypical – a tad non-cluttered – drive to office owing to the auto strike I was reminded of an incident that happened 4-5 years back during another auto strike (that was for higher fares).

I was in second year and that time my mom and dad were in Hyderabad for a function. The venue was some obscure place in Secunderabad (I no longer remember the name), and on the day of the function the autos went to strike. After searching for an auto for a long time we caught one lurking in the alleys, and he agreed to take us to the venue albeit at one and a half times the actual rate. Reluctantly we agreed. He kept off all the main roads; we traversed through alleys of Hyderabad to reach our destination. I did not recognize any road or alley the auto had taken, and till date I am not sure what place I had been to and how I reached there.

After a long and boring function, it was time to go back. Again we had major problems finding an auto, but finally managed to do so. This auto-guy was verbose. He chattered non-stop, and expressed his displeasure at the ongoing strike, saying that it was a forced on them. He said that they were earning daily and spending the money daily with no savings to bank on in such times. That’s why he was taking a risk in driving an auto even on the day of the strike. He said most of the autos were hired and they had to pay a fixed amount to the owner irrespective of the amount they earned. If the strike was successful, and the fares were increased, the rent to the owner too would increase and so the take-home amount would be the same for the auto driver. According to the auto driver the union forced the strikes on them, and most of the drivers agreed to it only under force.

While passing through Osmania University, unluckily for the auto driver the union guys had blocked the road. The driver was literally dragged off by the strike perpetrators. That time I did not know where we were, and had no idea where to go and how? Dad talked to the auto union people, and luckily they agreed to drop us off to our destination. We asked the new driver what would happen to the guy who was driving the auto earlier, he nonchalantly replied, “use thoda maar kar chhod denge” (he would be beaten up a bit). I could only hope that that auto guy was fine.

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Ring Ceremony

Bloglets-2: Of Sports and more Sports

Looking forward to the final race of the season on Sunday. I have no favourites; I just wish that Alonso does not win the Driver’s Championship. Kimi or Hamilton, any one of them would do πŸ™‚

I want tickets for the Sampras vs Federer match 😦 Will need to check the TV schedules, where and when is it being televised live.

I understand why there is brouhaha over the senior players in the Indian Cricket team, considering that a team not having any players aged over 30 (not counting Agarkar, as he hardly contributed anything) won the T20 World Cup. What I fail to understand is why are the three (SRT, SG, RD) being treated as one entity by the media? They are three individual players, with very different styles of playing with very different fitness levels. Treat them individually, not as one entity. I still feel SRT is the best batsman India has, although I would not deny he does not have the same destructiveness he used to have in late 90s, but then has the media heard about something called “maturity”. Anyways go and read this, Rakesh puts it in a much better way then I can.

Viswanathan Anand rocks πŸ˜€

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Sorry for the Phools, I was not getting a proper word to alliterate πŸ˜›



It is surprising that no matter what colour the flower is, it goes superbly with the green of the leaves.
Here I tried to capture only the brightness of the pink and purple, without trying to bring out the contrast.
Shot with the macro mode at KBR National Park, Hyderabad.

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