Book Review: e – Matt Beaumont

eLast night I completed e by Matthew (Matt) Beaumont. I can safely say that it is the best books I have ever read. I took some time to get the hang of it – as it consists of solely e-mails exchanged among the employees of an advertising agency – but once I caught on, I did not keep the book down till I had turned the last page. It is one of the most hilarious books I have read. All the office politics, the back-stabbings, the functioning of the office, the firings, the rehiring, everybody’s hidden agenda, and even the sexual escapades are presented in form of e-mails in a hilarious manner. My verdict – blown away!

The advertising agency is working on three projects for a soft drink, a car, and an adult channel. The whole book revolves around these sales pitches and shoot (in case of the adult channel). The non-creative Creative Director steals the material prepared by students and tries to pass it as his own, whose secretary resigns for the sixth time and attempts suicide and still ends up working there. One secretary gets jealous of another one getting a promotion and forces the circumstances to make her leave the office and wins the promotion herself to become the PA to the boss from hell – the technically inept CEO (who loves firing people), who copies e-mails to the entire Miller Shanks organization (that is the advertising agency) and gets absolutely hilarious replies (reminded me of the chain-mails we used to have in college days…).

As such there is no plot, no main characters, no protagonists, no story and still the book is eminently readable and to be enjoyed. This book was published in 2000, and I wonder how I missed this book for seven whole years before getting my hands to it! Generally in any book the subplots are confusing and derails the chain of thoughts. In this book everything is a subplot, there is no continuity, the plot changes track as soon as every page. But still it is a brilliant book.

If you love Dilbert, enjoy the “office-humour”; you will most certainly like this book.



2 Responses to “Book Review: e – Matt Beaumont”

  1. 1 mythalez April 12, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    this seems a must-read :D.
    how did u find this book?? now .. i ll try to hunt it out here

  2. 2 Kunal April 16, 2007 at 6:00 pm

    rama, found it while surfing Odyesey and bought it on a whim… 🙂

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