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Hyderabad Traffic Cops

Incident 1:
I am approaching the traffic signal at Indira Park Circle, I see the lights are green, but by the time I reach the signal the lights turn orange. So I stop, few irate drivers behind me show their displeasure, while the other drivers beside me ignore the orange and move on till the signal turns red one second later. A cop saunters over, asks me to move to the side of the road and promptly checks all my papers.

Incident 2:
Just the location changes, this time it is Masab Tank Circle. Same story, I stop as the signal is orange, the traffic cop walks over, I again produce all my papers.

And these two incidents were separated by just 3 days.

After these incidents I thought I would not stop when the signal is orange, and since then the cops have not stopped me once, even if I am going through when the signal is orange – although ideally I should stop.

This leads me to a simple conclusion, that my papers were checked only because I was following rules and hence I looked the suspicious type! The normal person does not follow rules to the letter, and hence anyone who follows rules must be hiding something and so must be checked.

So I’ll stop being ideal and would not follow the rules to the letter. If the light is orange I’ll Be Alert but would cross the signal.

Bah! Traffic cops, who are supposed to make people follow the rules, have compelled a rule-following guy to switch to the other side.

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