Indian Team’s Busy Schedule

I have no doubt that by mid-2008, Indian Cricket team would have undergone a major change. No I do not think there would be any retirements till that time, but I just checked the workload on the Indian Cricket Team, the schedule till mid-2008 and the number of matches boggles the mind. I have no doubt there would be multiple injuries due to this jam-packed schedule.
Check it out:

  • Mar – Apr ’07: World Cup
  • May: Tour of Bangladesh
  • 2nd week of June: Afro-Asia Cup (Since this is in Chennai & Bangalore, I expect most of the matches to be washed out)
  • July – Sep ’07: Tour of England
  • Sep ’07: 20-20 World Cup
  • Oct/Nov (not sure of date): Pakistan comes to India for 3 tests and 5 ODIs
  • Dec ’07 – Mar ’08: India’s tour to Australia & some other thing as Indian team returns only on 8th March
  • SA comes to India (I did not check the dates)
  • Asia Cup in Pakistan (I did not check the dates)

Indian Cricket Team is sure overworked. They are humans, not robots – they deserve a break!
Source: Cricinfo


2 Responses to “Indian Team’s Busy Schedule”

  1. 1 jayaram February 1, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    june chennai rain==july delhi snow

  2. 2 Karan February 2, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    yeah maan.. its crazy , isint it? BCCI sure is money hungry. So much right after and before thw world cup

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