phoren and chocolates

What is with phoren and chocolates?

Imagine, your relative/friend had gone on a phoren trip and has just returned or your relatives/friends are coming down to India from phoren; what is that you, me, everyone looks forward the most to? Or the first question we ask them as soon as the wheels of their plane touch Indian soil? “Did you bring chocolates?”

And no, this behaviour does not come only after the relative/friend has arrived. This behaviour starts emerging as soon as we come to know of any impending visit to the phoren by any relative/friend. Any such news is greeted with “Chocolate le kar aana” (“Bring chocolates when you come back”). The relative/friend may be your uncle’s brother-in-law’s second-wife’s brother’s neighbour’s dog’s ex-owner’s son; we don’t care, we need the chocolates.

If someone actually dares to come back from phoren without the revered chocolates, that person is outcast. He is shunned from society and looked down upon as the snooty guy who does not care for social relations. Even his immediate family shuns him and he is never invited to any wedding/party/social-event (lucky guy! *wistfully stares into the blue sky*)

So what exactly is the scenario with phoren and chocolates? Are people in other countries too the same, or is this behaviour under desi copyright?

Ahh, now where are the chocolates my roommate brought back from phoren?


3 Responses to “phoren and chocolates”

  1. 1 mythalez September 26, 2006 at 5:01 am

    well, maybe its coz u cant ask them to bring back anything else?

  2. 3 paresh September 27, 2006 at 11:33 am

    i hope you got some when i brought them 🙂 ..
    the thing is we know anything else is gonna be too darn expensive! although in case of some countries (like swiss) asking chocolate would make total sense.

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