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Kya kare, kya na kare, yeh kaisi mushkil hai…

Arghh! 😡

Conflicting emotions.
Differing opinions.
Contradictory beliefs.
Diverging views.

Chalk & Cheese,
bin-Laden & Peace!

The rain has me in a catch-22 situation. The weather is amazing, incessant drizzling and gentle breeze wafting about. In this weather I can wish for just two things,
– A cup of hot tea, and
– Get under the quilt and sleep.
These two mutually exclusive actions have me in a fix!
If I drink tea, I would not be able to sleep; if I sleep, I would not be able to drink tea.

Double arghh!! 😡

Baad me to aaram hi aaram hain

When I tried to avoid studying during preparation for SSC examination:
All elders – Abhi padh le beta, abhi padh le. Baad me to aaram hi aaram hain. (Study hard now! After this life will be a cakewalk)

After SSC, when I started preparation for engineering entrance examination and used to sleep early and get up late:
All elders – Sirf do hi saal to padhna hain beta, achche college me admission ho jaye, phir to aaram hi aaram hain. (Son, just study now for two years, once you get admission in a good college, after that life will be a cakewalk)

When I was supposed to be studying for HSC, and I slept:
All elders – Yeh bahut jaroori exam hain, abhi padh le beta. Baad me to aaram hi aaram hain. (This is a very important examination; study now. After this life will be a cakewalk)

During graduation:
All elders – Chaar hi to saal hain. Achche se padhai kar le, baad me to aaram hi aaram hain. (Study hard for just these four years. After this life will be a cakewalk)

During preparation for campus interviews:
All elders – Achche se padhai kar beta, life ka sabse bada interview hain, iske baad to aaram hi aaram hain. (Study well son, this is the biggest interview of your life. After this life will be a cakewalk)

Now I am working and wondering where the aaram is? 😛

Next Demand

In continuation with my wants, here is another demand 😀

Proper categorization. I am not talking about the web. In the web everything has proper categorization, I can specifically choose the category I want. I am talking about categorization on television.

Each program telecast on the television should be categorized under Movie, Sports, News, Music, Soaps, Comdey/Humour etc. And yes, there should be a specific category for Commercials too. I should be able to direct my television to keep the Sports category first, then Movies (with the subcategory English over subcategory Hindi), Music next and so on and the last category should be Commercials. As soon as the Commercials start in the cricket match I am seeing, that channel should jump to the last position in the viewing hierarchy and should come back to the first as soon as the match starts. There should be separate buttons on the remote for each category. Like when I click the ‘Movie’ button, I should be able to scan through all the movies that are going on currently. And apart from the channel scrolling, I should be able to directly scroll across categories. These categories should be standardized across all television sets and all telecasting channels.

(The idea to have Commercials as a tag and moving it to the end of hierarchy may not be plausible, since that is the major – or is it only? – source of revenue)

I think this is possible; is any television company doing this?

A conversation with myself

I: You expect too much!
Me: After all it is natural to expect.
I: But it hurts when expectations do not get fulfilled!
Me: And you feel the most satisfied when your expectations do get completed.
I: Majority of the time expectations are just that – expectations!
Me: The law of averages has to catch on.
I: Bah! You are talking nonsense… You are expecting your expectations to be fulfilled. You are personifying recursion!
Me: What is wrong in hoping? Everyone has expectations.
I: Is everyone happy?
Me: No, but what does happiness has to do with expectations. Being happy is a state of mind.
I: Ok, tell me one thing… Don’t you feel happy when your expectations are realized?
Me: Yes I do feel happy. But since you have opened the can of worms, let me toss one your way… Do you feel sad when some expectation goes awry?
I: Yes of course… I’ll use your words. After all it is natural to be sad.
Me: Glad we established that. Since you get sad, does it mean you will never be happy?
I: No that does not mean so.
Me: So does it mean that since you get sad, you are afraid to be happy.
I: You are being ridiculous! Stop trying to soak up the ocean using a small sponge. I am not afraid of being happy. In fact like everyone I like to be happy.
Me: Gotcha! Just scroll up and see what you had said earlier – you feel happy when your expectations are realized.
I: Stop trying to whirl me around. I never said I like to expect, I just said I like to be happy.
Me: Oh! You are just being glum. Why are you afraid of expecting, just because you think it would not be realized! You cannot stop being happy because you are afraid of being sad.

The debate is still going on.

To expect or not?

Someone make this software!

Software Developers & entrepreneurs of the world, please listen to the travail of a blogger.

Majority of the bloggers, somewhere in a corner of their hearts, hide a dream of becoming a writer. At least I do! Now I need a proper critic who will review all my articles with a cynic’s eye. I am not saying that the comments are useless; they really are the driving force behind any blog.

The comments I would get after I write anything would be something like ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I have no qualms on getting such comments, but what I would really love is an English professor going through the article I wrote and comments should be akin to ‘The structure of this statement was not good’, ‘could have used a bit more description for the brooding man’, ‘what is a gerund doing here!’ or ‘are you nuts? This adjective is not appropriate here’. I am not talking about the spell-check in Microsoft Word, or their favourite error message – ‘Consider revising’. I need more precise help, a software that would understand English, as a normal person or a critic or an English teacher would do and grade the article based on the quality of the English.

In short, I need a virtual English teacher, which would take English text as input and output the grade/score with comments.

Meet the Blogger…

I write! Topic does not matter, can be my life, or my travels, or any match I saw, or the Hyderabadi life, or reminiscing about Raipur, or penning Short Stories & 55s.

I can be contacted at kunalblogs[at]gmail[dot]com.

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