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I sure am odd…

I have an electric personality!! No seriously, I DO have an electric personality. Do not think I am gloating; even the electric department of every city in India thinks so. Otherwise how would you explain the fact that the minute I enter any place – my home at Raipur, the flat at Hyderabad – the electricity department decides to switch off the current at that moment – hoping that my electric personality would take care of the crisis 😕

Everything would be perfect – soft songs would be playing on the computer, my room-mates would be sitting beneath the fan enjoying the cool breeze and the door-bell would chime; I would enter and BAM!! the current would disappear, the UPS would start beeping, begging to be switched off and we all start cursing. I do not think that day is far when my room-mates would see through the peep-hole and deny me entry 😦

Well my weirdness does not end here. The rain too helps me in enhancing my eccentricity. Whenever I put on a new trouser or a new shirt, storm clouds would gather around to ogle at my new possession and there develops a strong cohesive force between the fabric and the rain. No matter how much I try to escape the sudden shower, I am always drenched – with both shelter & safety at an arm’s length.

So if I am wearing new clothes, always carry an umbrella and if you are my room-mates, sorry in advance since first you will get soaked to the skin and then on returning home, you would not find any current…

Meet the Blogger…

I write! Topic does not matter, can be my life, or my travels, or any match I saw, or the Hyderabadi life, or reminiscing about Raipur, or penning Short Stories & 55s.

I can be contacted at kunalblogs[at]gmail[dot]com.

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