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Small Things

It’s amazing that the smallest thing can spoil your mood or break confidence and it’s equally amazing that the most insignificant thing can get you back to your normal confident self in no time.

Your hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee, gazing at the world from a distance, feeling the warmth of the coffee seep into you, all matters seem so insignificant. When viewed from a distance, when detached, all matters fall into line as per their priority.

Hitting an unbelievable shot at Table Tennis – even when you knew it was a fluke or simply winning a game can get the confidence soaring sky-high.

Or just driving along the road, with no one for company but yourself. A chain of thoughts is provoked and the worry that was lingering over your head passes by you.

Observing the clouds, making patterns in them… Feeling the raindrops on yourself…

Small things do matter in life.

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