A Random Conversation

Someone at a social gathering (SSG): So beta, what class are you studying in?
Me: (Damn! Why does everyone still think I go to school? Do I look that much like a kid!) I finished my graduation and am working right now.
SSG: Ohh! You are already working. I remember you used to come to me saying "Uncle, uncle… Chocolate chaahiye". By the way where are you working?
Me: (Liar! You always told me scary ghost stories; I used to run away from you.) *Put on best fake smile* Hehe… I am working at O.
SSG: O? What is this company? I have never heard of it. Where is it?
Me: It is a software development company at Hyderabad.
SSG: Ohh software… Is it good? I mean you used to be intelligent? Why are you not working at the good companies like I or W or S or T?
Me: (Gah! Another one! The same bloody explanation – again!) O is good. The companies you mentioned are all top Indian companies. I am not working in a Indian company, but an MNC. This is one of the top-notch software companies; it is a fortune 500 company.
SSG: So you will be going to USA soon?
Me: (Another one of the horde who thinks that a trip to the almighty, all powerful, omnipotent (did I repeat that?) U.S. of A will make or break my career) *The plastic smile has been plastered to my face* Why should I go there when everything is here?
SSG: But does not working in a software industry simply mean that you are going to USA?
Me: No.
SSG: Are you not in the least interested in going to USA?
Me: Ohh, I am interested, to go as a tourist. Career-wise, I'm very happy and satisfied where I am.
SSG: (By now he is bewildered, that why am I stuck in some weird company O that he has never heard about, and to top that I am not interested in going to USA. Maybe he is even feeling sorry for me…) Well good luck with your career, and listen my brother's wife's sister's friend's son is working in W (or I or S or T). If you wish, I can put in a word about you.
Me: (Confused, as to whether I should be amused or angry) *The smile still intact* Thank you, but not interested.

And people still wonder why I hate social gatherings?


7 Responses to “A Random Conversation”

  1. 1 rajAT June 6, 2006 at 3:57 pm

    A good way of stopping such uncles and aunts by saying I want to stay here because I want to serve my country. 🙂 :). And then see the look on their face. 😀

  2. 2 Spawn June 6, 2006 at 6:07 pm

    I can totally identify with you.. I also make it a point not to go to all these social gatherings although my parents insist that I do.
    Also when will they ever realise that we are not children anymore!! 😛 Anyways nice post.

  3. 3 utkarsh June 7, 2006 at 11:04 am

    He he he he he
    Can totally totally with all this ..
    My aunt is very happy these days that one of her distant relatives has got into Infy .. Asked me to compare between Lucent (probably heard the name first time from me) and Infy (the name she reads everyday in newspapers) ..
    Asked me why don’t I try for Infy ..
    how do i answer that ??

  4. 4 paresh June 7, 2006 at 3:59 pm

    they’ll never understand that .. stop bothering ..

  5. 5 poorna shashank June 7, 2006 at 4:01 pm

    he he. can totally identify with this. i had this hordes of parent’s friends to whom i have to even spell the name of the company, O!

  6. 6 Vardhman June 7, 2006 at 6:26 pm

    hehehe, ROFL, Man similar things have happened to me too I remember now.
    Was like

    Uncle: Where did u get in to,
    Me: I said Uncle a company G. (I cudn’t imagine telling him about my other offer when he didn’t know G itself)
    Uncle: But Rao sahib’s daughter has just got in to W and she has a salary of 2 LPA.
    Uncle2: My son got a job in H
    … some conversation followed (I was to disclose my Package)…
    Uncle2: Oh well that must be b’coz you have done M.Tech (Do they ever understand what MS is? I have to tell its like M.Tech), My son has given gate too …
    This follows example of some names of ppl who have gone to US of A for something … (who cares to hear?)

    @Shashan, one of the uncle did know that G is something like Y 🙂

  7. 7 Sreejith June 12, 2006 at 11:40 pm

    The looks on their faces when we explain that an “O” is better than these I,W,T is THE most irritating expression. Smug in their ignorance that we are bluffing! Can only say “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”

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