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13 hours and going strong

Few of my observations after having spent some time in the IT industry.

  • Basic programming skills are sufficient. Know-how on how to manipulate pointers, linked lists, arrays and you are done.
  • In algorithms, the most frequently used and the most useful algorithm by far is the Binary Search. Next most frequently used "algorithm" in IT industry would be Brute Force 😉
  • Knowledge of SQL is necessary. Only [select * from table] is not sufficient. Update, Create (views & sequences & tables), Insert etc are needed frequently. Join conditions are a must.
  • Knowledge of Networks is very helpful. Socket Programming and all those boring assignments are indeed useful.
  • Software Engineering _is_ important, very important – period. Coding is _actually_ the smallest part of any project. (I never believed people who used to say this, now I believe!)
  • Parsers are must.
  • Operating Systems, Compilers do not have much importance.
  • High-funda algos like The Shortest-Path-Algo and Dijkstra-Algo etc are rarely, if ever, used.
  • There are stupid people in here too 😛 

But this does not mean that OS & Compilers & High-Funda-Algos are useless. Without these a proper understanding of the working of code is impossible & without that knowledge I would have to categorize myself in the stupid-category… Yeah, it is apne muh miya mitthu, but being of a Computer Science background does help a lot!!

Parting Shot: Life without _loops_ is HELL!!

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