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Then and now

“You never value things that you have.” My dad often told me this when I used to be picky about what I should eat. All his words fell on deaf ears. I never realized that home cooked food is a luxury, which not many can afford. It is not only food, but this adage holds true for everything.

During graduation, money had value, lots of value. Almost always I had just a few hundred in my account, whereas I used to be thousands in debt. So money had value, every 10-rupee note was significant. But now, the value of money has waned. I do not say that it has lost its value, but it is definitely way down in the list. After all money is material. Sab moh-maya hain! 😐

What I value these days is the support structure I have. People whom I love and I care about and people who love me & care for me. It is not as if I did not value this in college, but now this is the only thing that has value. My family, my friends – I have realized that only people matter, nothing else.

In college, I was broke, but surrounded by friends. Now, in office, I have the security of money, but all new friendships seem artificial. Life sure seems to be a game of give-n-take 😕

Update: As I am writing this, I see that even Rakesh has delved into memories.


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