Sarvajanik Vritpatra Vachanalaya

Seems I still am in the Mumbai hangover. But this was one thing that really appealed to me. In all the areas that I visited (or rather I should say, passed through), I found these stalls made on the roadside. At first glance, it seemed to me that a miniature bus-stand had sprouted up from the ground. A closer look revealed, “Sarvajanik Vritpatra Vachanalaya” scribbled across the structure. Another closer look (this time along with my spectacles) revealed neatly stacked newspapers. I saw people coming there, reading the newspaper and returning it back to its original place. It was working so smoothly, so efficiently. I really appreciated the Mumbai people for this unique system of “Sarvajanik Vritpatra Vachanalaya”.

The only drawback that I can think of with this system is – Who gets to solve the Sudoku and the Crossword? 😛


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  1. 1 Shweta October 5, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    Hi Kunal
    I surely think the concept is very nice but it is not being incorporated everywhere.There places in Mumbai which are so called Vripatra Vachanalaya but there are no newspapers and these places are used as dumping grounds.

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