Of the three S’s

Ever since we have shifted to our new house, every morning I am reliving my childhood. Each day I sit on the stairs, and start tying my shoelaces and sentimental background music starts playing (♫ ♪ jaane kahan gaye voh din… ♪ ♪ ♫), the years flash before my eyes and I am again a 10 year old kid… Ok, ok! Nothing like that happens, these things happen only in soaps and movies. But I sure reminisce about my school days sitting on the stairs and wearing shoes.

Shoes have had a close association with stairs during my school life. It was on the stairs that I used to sit, polishing my shoes, hearing my mom scold me, “Why did you not eat the whole paratha? Where did you keep the glass of milk? I am sure you would have drunk it. Where is your school bag? Did you keep the English/Social-Studies copy in it? Did you fill ink in the pen?” And so on… But this is just the morning dose. I’d come back from school; again sit on the stairs to take off my shoes and then, “Why are you so late?” (I could never tell my mom how tasty Kishen’s bhel was :)) “Why are your shoes so dirty?” I especially dreaded (or looked forward to) Saturday. White shoes, school would be over at 11, and then it would be time for action. Cricket, Football, King Kong (nah, not the movie; it was a game where we just had to hit the other person as hard as we can with a ball – now don’t you point your finger at me, I never said I was a saint :D) Around 2 in the afternoon, my dad would come searching for me, and escort me home – he never scolded me for the odd bleeding knee or the bruised elbow 🙂 (lucky me, it is hard to notice the bump on the head, else it would have been a different case) But as soon as I reached the stairs and sit on them to take off my shoes, mom scolds, “Why is your knee bleeding? Did you fight with somebody? Where did you get that red-stain (blood) / blue-stain (ink) from?” And the holy-trinity of S would be complete – Stairs, Shoes, and Scolding! 🙂

School days were great, I enjoyed them thoroughly; and I miss those times. But more then that, I miss the regular scolding I used to get from my mom. Now whenever I am home, I am treated as a royalty & not scolded 😦 I wish mom would start scolding me again…


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  1. 1 Asheesh December 30, 2005 at 1:04 pm

    Nice Post!!!

    I miss them too , althouth the last one I Still get
    in plenty 🙂

  2. 4 Kunal January 2, 2006 at 9:35 am

    @all, thanks 🙂

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