Hunt, House Hunt

Take 1: A 3-bhk is available for dirt-cheap price. Rocky talks to the guy, he tells us to come next day morning to have a look at the place. Rocky and I go to see the place next day morning, we like the location, nice locality, a wine-shop is a stone’s throw away and good eating places nearby… Hmmm seems to be perfect. We ring the doorbell and are greeted by a huge hall; hmmm the place just seemed better then perfect! And then we are told; the house has already been taken. We just say, “Hard luck!”

Take-2: Another ad comes to our notice. A very well furnished 3-bhk is available for rent, with all amenities available. By going through the ad we thought, sounds great but it may be expensive. Anyways, no harm in finding the particulars. So we call up the guy, Rocky as usual again does the talking and asks what rent is he expecting? As cool as a cucumber, the other guy replies, “In vicinity of 20K”. On hearing that umm umm… lets say we are grateful that we were sitting at that time.

Take2a: Same as above!

: This time a 2-bhk is available. Utkarsh and Pankaj go and see the apartment. They like the place, the rent is also ok and it is quite near to our office. Seems we have another perfect place! The party thrown by Utkarsh, Rocky and Puspendra is going on (awesome awesome party, but that’s a different story) and there we decide that after Rocky and I see it, we will decide on the place. We have a sound sleep, next morning we wake up, call up the guy to set an appointment and find that this apartment too has been taken 😦 Well better luck next time, we mutter to ourselves.

Take-4: We hear that a 2-bhk apartment will be vacated soon; we scrounge around for the number of the landlady. Finally we get it. Rocky calls her up, and yeah you guessed it right, it was already taken! X-(

Take-5: Another apartment, this time I talk to the guy. Everything is going dandy, we are on the verge of shaking hands on the deal (well we are over the phone, so assume whatever is closest to shaking-hands-over-the-phone) and then he asks, “Hey! You are not bachelors? Only family” and I am %&@#^%$@^@# Bad luck fast becoming worse.

Take-6: Yesterday night Rocky and I go to see the place, the ground floor part of an independent house, land-lord living on first floor (or you can say the land-lord living on our heads), nice place although old construction. But the thought in the parentheses again scared us (actually this is the reason why we are leaving our current place) so it is house-hunt time again!

Take-7: Today morning, we see a board in front of a nice building – “To Let!” Hmmm-nice location, beautiful girls are living in this colony! Ok, lets call up this guy too.
Tring tring…
Guy-on-other-side: Hello!
Rocky: Hello, blah blah blah blah
Guy-on-other-side: blah blah blah blah
Rocky: Rent et al
Guy-on-other-side: 3-bhk, 3 people, 16K
Rocky: **fainted**

Take-8: An hour back, Rocky gets a mail (2-bhk and all usual details), we decide that it seems nice. Rocky calls him up (remember it has been just 10 minutes since we got the mail) and *boo hoo hoo* this house has already been taken! Our bad luck, which had become worse is surely worst… 😦

As Rocky said after this, “We have the best bad luck in the world!”


5 Responses to “Hunt, House Hunt”

  1. 2 Sreejith November 17, 2005 at 9:45 pm

    Search near my place. maybe u’ll have better luck. I’ll keep a look out too.

  2. 3 sanyam November 17, 2005 at 11:09 pm

    one flat available in bothra’s building.
    i saw the Tolet board yesterday .. i guess its not been taken yet.
    try ur luck once again πŸ™‚

  3. 4 Kunal November 18, 2005 at 12:02 pm

    Take-2a refers to that flat only. Very high rent being asked for… 😦 Anyways thanks.

    Thanks dude..

    Any smiley left which denotes even more sad?

  4. 5 sandeep November 18, 2005 at 6:02 pm

    its ok dude..thats the real are not new to it i believe..

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