Premonitions do work!

For the whole past week I had been encountering accidents everywhere. I was a spectator to a collision between a bike and a car, luckily no one was hurt. I passed 2-3 scenes of accident, read three posts on accidents, and was generally having a feeling that something is going to happen. Had the feeling, “There is an accident waiting to happen…” Well Saturday morning the feeling left me 🙂 Had an accident, my first in about ten years. (The last accident I remember is when I used to ride around on my BSA-SLR, way back when I was in 7th class – but that’s a different story) The potholes in Hyderabad these days resemble the craters of moon, and with a continous downpour of 24 hours, all roads resembled streams and rivulets. Moi with my dear bike was battling the rain when suddenly the potholes conspired against me and pledged allegiance to the rains! One moment I was up on my bike, the next instant both of us lay sprawled on the ground. The bike is still standing tall with a broken and scarred frame, I am sitting with two bandaged hands and a bandaged leg pecking away at the typewriter with just 2 fingers. This is by far the slowest post I have ever written.

And this weekend is by far the best weekend I ever had.. 😀 Hoping for many more such weekends…


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