And its Diwali again…

Just read Sandeep’s post and my first reaction was Shit! I am going to celebrate another Diwali away from home. I felt bad, tried to remember all those glorious times and realized, I have not celebrated Diwali properly for so many years… And I am not feeling that bad on being away from home on Diwali. Diwali or for that matter any other occasion, any festival, they all lose their significance if you are away from home. These can be enjoyed only when one is at home. I did not even know what date Dusherra was; I called up my mom and asked her.

For me Dusherra would be always about kites! There is this strange tradition in Raipur that kites are flown before and till Dusherra. I have spent countless hours on my house’s roof, contributing my colour towards painting the sky all red and green and yellow. Any Dusherra holiday for me would be – wake up asap, get on the roof, start flying kite, go down to eat something only when mom has shouted herself hoarse calling me down, get back on the roof again and continue till the kite cannot be seen… The area in which Paresh lives used to have the best kite-flyers I have ever seen, so I’d frequently visit his home and I’d always find him on the roof flying away with the kite.. Unluckily I was not that good at flying kites and always came back from his home without any kites… 😦 Dusherra is still synonymous with kite flying for me.

Diwali would be preceeded by cleaning of the house (Every single year, I have been scolded during the cleaning of my cupboard and table. Why can’t I keep my table clean, when my brother can keep his table so clean? Why are all my schoolbooks so tattered when the course has just started 3-4 months back? Thankfully mom cannot see my room right now.. :)) and buying new clothes (Without any doubt, the most boring part of Diwali!).. A sweet aroma of the delicacies being made would be wafting through the house, enticing me to just rush to the kitchen and gobble up everything. I enjoyed the day after Diwali more than the Diwali day. Going to houses of all elders, all relatives and trying out all sorts of mithaai there.. Ahh, I still remember the taste of a Gulabjamun I ate about 6-7 years back 🙂

So I do miss not being home for Diwali but have found a way around it.. A simple way of not missing your family & home at such times – don’t celebrate whatever festival it is and there – now you won’t miss your family!!


2 Responses to “And its Diwali again…”

  1. 1 jayaram October 28, 2005 at 5:37 pm


    I thought diwali was about crackers!

  2. 2 Kunal October 31, 2005 at 12:25 pm

    Crackers never held any charm for me… 🙂 But if you insist, yeah diwali is about crackers too, although not for me!

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