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Yesterday our seniors came to help us make a transition from students to professionals. What would be expectations from us, how to be profssional, should we switch jobs, when to do that, ethics and all that stuff. But the gist was do something which makes you happy, do something that makes you content. After listening to Adapa, I was almost convinced not to do a job. But Prasad and then Adapa again changed my views. To be or not to be, that is the question. In the end I realized one thing, that something that makes you content, satisfied would make you stick to a job. Even though I may not like the job I’m doing, I may stick to it if I am satisfied. Again Prasad put up a good point, how do I define satisfied? For some satisfaction would be money, for some it would be that someone cares for you, but for me, I have decided, satisafaction would be earning respect. If I am respected, if I am appreciated at the job I do, I’ll stick to whatever job I do no matter what… Ok, I agree money is a criterion right now for me, but again the funda comes of long-term vs short-term goals. What is my long-term goal? Do I have to be the CEO of a company to be satisfied, do I have to weild power, do I have to be earning the most? Honestly, I don’t know… If I had to choose right now, I’d say money… No I think CEO… Ahh I am confused.. I’ll decide when I have to make a choice. Till then I am happy with who I am, and how my life is going on.. Apr 3rd, 1:27 pm

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