Losing sucks..

Our dream run ended, and it ended badly. CSI lost to Titans in aztec – in the winners bracket finals, losing was bad in itself, but the thing that irked us the most was the way we lost. They were lots better then us in terms of accuracy, but we prided ourselves on our team work. All our victories till now have been based only on proper coordination and team work. But defeat in three/four rounds and all our team work fell apart. But I’m sure we’ll come back strongly in the losers bracket finals.

Till now I always was a good loser. I always took it in sporting manner. I liked the philosophy of Keith Miller. But losing two games in a day, first in cricket and then in CS was bad. I think I’ll hold the record of losing all the last games of IIIT from our batch 😦 It started with football, then volleyball, next was basketball, then came cricket and now CS. I have been in all these teams, and we have not won any tournament this year.. But CS is not over yet.. We’ll try our level best. We have a genuine chance at being the IIIT champions. I hope we win…

March 28th, 12:15 pm


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  1. 1 Rakesh March 28, 2005 at 8:46 pm

    Hey remeber haar ke jitne wale ko Baazigar kahte hain 🙂

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