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During lunch today, we – Piyush, Abhinav, Vidit and me had a pretty good discussion about Time Machines. Abhinav wants to make one 🙂 This has had me thinking for the past hour. What I would like to change in my life if I had a time machine.

I went back as far I can remember. I started with my school life. In the initial years I was the teacher’s pet, I’d be the quiet guy sitting in the corner. The guy who gave importance to studies and rarely played anything. And in the latter part of my school life I remembered all the times when we used to stand outside the class doing the Snake-Dance 🙂 and then some teacher used to come running from the staff-room and scold us for our misbehaviour (our classroom was visible very clearly from the staff-room) , the time when we deliberately did something that would make the teacher send us out, all the times when I went to Principal begging her for the Volleyball – 90% success rate 🙂 , all the hot afternoons after each exam when we used to play cricket for hours and all Sunday mornings when all of us friends just used to meet and then decide on what to play. Then searching for the grounds to play Cricket (Sundays used to be very busy, all the grounds would be filled by 7am with many people playing..), almost every week clashing with the 15-year guys (A bunch of people who claimed to have played at a ground for over 15 years. We always reached earlier then them and always we used to fight with them..) … I remembered all my crushes and all my talks with some of them (Not to be disclosed here :D) All the times I adviced Gaurav and Abhay and Shibu about their love lives 🙂 I was good at advices…

Then the 4 years here. I remember a talk I had with Abhinav regarding how our main topics of conversation have changed over these 4 years. In the first year we used to ruminate over the past, the second year the topics changed from past to present. We started living by the day, without any thoughts about what happened yeaterday and what is going to hapen tomorrow. All our conversations dealt with current issues, things that affected us today. The third year our talks were a mixture of present (with a touch of philosophy, we used to analyze even the smallest detail in detail :D) and future. For present our favourite topics were Amalgam and Felicity. The time and effort we put into them and their successes and then we got thinking about Job/MS/MBA. To everyone his own dream. Then the final year starts and we get placed, and then our conversations always came around to our future. What am I gonna buy with my first salary, how much tax am I paying, where am I gonna go from here (Not Chennai plz!!), who would be the first person to get married (I still think Poppy will be the one), what kind of house would I like, where should my house be and lots and lots of questions… Almost all unanswered, everything in murky waters.. But the excitement is there along with the dread of starting a new life. Where would I be 5 years from now, or for that matter 5 months from now, no one knows. But the point is these 4 years have been phenomenal, every day a new adventure. We all have changed in the past 4 years and for good.

So the point is I would not like to change anything in my life. There is not even a single moment I would like to change. I don’t need the Time Machine. Ok, if Abhinav and Piyush and Vidit make it I’d love to go back and relive my school days and I’ll love spending time again at IIIT, again having all those weird and refreshing discussions 🙂 And I’d play some more matches of Quake and CS … And I’ll eat some more ice-creams … And more matches of Cricket and Volleyball would be nice .. And some more night-outs .. Some more episodes of Friends, some more Movies.. And of course I’ll revisit our beloved mess …

But I’ll change NOTHING.

Mar 17th, 2:57 pm

4 Responses to “Time Machine”

  1. 1 ramneek March 17, 2005 at 3:33 pm

    Nice post kunal…
    I was thinking abt sth to write about, you just gave me a topic – sth abt school days… will write later today.

  2. 2 ironhide March 17, 2005 at 4:40 pm

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. 3 ironhide March 17, 2005 at 4:43 pm

    kunal, your best blog to date

    all of us are in the “leaving campus blues” state…the “leaving campus blues” courtesy of Mukta who wrote to me recently(well ok I wrote to her first but that does not really matter 😉 )

    these days I think a lot about things I never thought about earlier…when my brother finished college and was about to join work he said “from now there is no Home in the strict sense of the word…home is just a place you will visit…”

    about knowing what you will be doing 5 years from now? I remember an interview the ceo of yahoo gave…in it he was asked the same question and he said “how boring is the life of a person who knows what he will be doing 5 years from now”

    we have weighed anchor in the world..we are now free to chart new courses…find new lands…in the confidence that there will always be a Home where ppl think about us

  4. 4 mythalez March 19, 2005 at 1:10 am

    i agree with ironhide. A very nice post (not blog, blog is the whole thing :P).
    And btw, and i wont forget you ever (being my collegue at my first job :D).

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