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XLRI Interview

After a hiatus of a week I am back. Just read all the blogs and I have been thinking of nothing but Love and God.. Don’t worry I am not gonna bore you with my philosophy.. 🙂 For today I’ll just recount my experience at XLRI. (For future use.. I don’t believe I’ll be joining this time…)

The ‘bundle of nerves’ I mentioned in the previous post which was not me had surprisingly transformed into me. I was scared shit. I had no idea what I was going to do.. Anyways calmed down somehow before the interview. So here goes..

Gg – Good guy
Bg – Bad guy
Tg – Tech guy
Pg – Poor guy (Me)

I enter the room and wish all of them. Bg pounces upon me like a caged tiger on a tiny sheep. What is IIIT? Are IIITs serving their purpose? Are you contributing to the country? Well I patiently explained about IIIT and the service we are doing to the country etc.. The guy was doing nothing special except trying to pschye me out. Asked me why am I shifting from tech field to HR? Unluckily I had been a bit pschyed out and said that maybe I can add a new aspect to HR.. (Why in the God’s name did I say that??) So the Bg sees his opening and tries to beat me black and blue. How will you use technology for betterment of HR? I say something about automation.. He lands another blow, says something negative amounting to that I am an idiot and asks me to be more specific about the automation funda asking me to corelate “Family Background” and “IIIT” and “XLRI”. Ok, this is getting weirder by the minute, what am I supposed to say.. I can’t say “I don’t know” since it is I who opened this can of worms. Hmmm…. Let me think… Ok, I get some small idea and try to sell it big. I say take all the information regarding the studies done by all the family members and check the trend. It is likely that ….. blah blah …. What I said I don’t remember and I did not even understand what I has said, but these guys seem to be expert. They understood what I meant to say, I got my idea thru… Hurray!!! But not so fast… Wait… Bg lands another blow. A right hook. Bg – “What ever you said is bullshit.. This is all clerical work… I don’t want all this to be automated.. Basically you are an idiot and moron who is not fit to be here..” Ok, that was not what he said, but I heard it loud and clear. The only good thing about this phase of the interview was that I managed to present a smiling face through out. I just kept reminding myself that this is just a small stress interview, but the enormity of the situation seemed to be getting the better of me most of the time and I was totally pschyed out by the end of first phase. I was ready to bolt from there…

The second phase starts, Gg – “Where will you take me to visit, when I come to H’bad?” What the hell is this… Am I tour guide? Is this not an interview for a reputed B-School. Anyways it is better then the previos abstract questions, at least I have something to say here. So I give a virtual tour to Gg, taking him to all the usual places and tried to end it with a touch of humour in the end, by mentioning Paradise and the tasty Biryani and something more… The reaction he gave me, it was as if I were talking with a block of wood. Come on, the faintest of smiles would have lifted my spirits but no. It seemed to me a plague of locusts would have been more welcome there then me. 😦 But at least this guy was not asking stupid questions.. More questions on GK and current affairs..
Gg – Why is Raipur called Raipur?
Pg – I don’t know Sir.
Gg- Why is India called Bharat?
Pg – King Bharat etc etc
Gg – Jharkhand problem…
Pg – I add some information.
Gg – When and how did this same thing happen in AP?
Pg – I don’t know Sir. (Did something like that really happen??)

So the 2nd round too ends.. The 1st round in favor of XLRI, the 2nd round shared equally by XLRI and me.

3rd round begins… This is the Tech round. I had not studied anything for tech, actually had not expected it, so am caught unawares.. without any prep… Starts with Tg asking me about my courses, I name many courses stressing on DB and DW/DM. And Tg asks, “What are materliazed views?” Hehe.. I get my opening and land a sharp jab. This is my field, I have done a project on this.. (Thanks Vidit for making me take up this project) So I explain the whole funda to him as I would explain to a 5 year old kid. More questions.. He wants to set up a new DB, what kind of schema should he use? How should he materialize views? Should they be normalized or not? etc etc… More openings.. More jabs and hooks… 🙂 I answer everything satisfactorily.. Finally I am in the game.. Another question, “What is DSS?” Ooops what is that… “I don’t know”… But I am satisfied with my overall performance in this round… Round 3 to me….

What I felt after the interview was they were just checking my body language and confidence and how well can a person handle pressure. Through out the interview only one person was asking the question and the other two panelists were noting the body language. All they tried through out was to stress me out. But only the first guy suceeded, others did not seem expert at this kind of thing.

Round 1 – XLRI
Round 2 – Draw
Round 3 – Me
So that makes it all even.. Who has won?? I have no idea… I hope I win, but I feel that maybe I missed the bus. I could have and should have done better.. Will surely do better this Friday..

March 7th, 7:30 pm

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