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And now the time has come. We have been given the pink slip by the profs and the juniors. We hace been kicked out.. 😦 Well not exactly kicked out, but that is how I feel. Bruised and battered, smarting that I won’t be able to talk for hours and hours with Adi, Vidit, Abhinav,Parry, Piyush, Majji, Rocky, Poppy, Khare, Maddy, Parivesh.. ahh the list goes on.. , I won’t be able to go for the cup of tea at 5:30 in morning after another useless and unneccesary night-out, I won’t be playing CS with my new clan – Unni, Majji, Bedi, Rajjo, I may not again sleep in the class, I will not be able to read the novel in the last bench, I won’t be fighting over facts of Friends with Piyush and Khare and Parivesh, I won’t be defeating the Undecided anymore, Deadly, Jayaram, Sam, Shetty, Khare and Vidit, I won’t be able to talk cricket with KG, Malik, Sushant, AC, AU, Kaka, AP, Majji, I may not go to Ice-n-Spice again, I’ll not be sitting at Durgam-Cheruvu for hours with Vidit, Abhinav, Adi discussing our futures, I’ll be not coming back to lab at 3:00 in the night just to watch a movie or just because I feel like it, I’ll not be having any more Coffee, Tea, Mazaa, ButterMilk, Lassi, Sprite, Coke or Limca, I won’t be sitting for hours doing nothing, I won’t be carrying the earphones in my pocket anymore, I’ll have to keep my wallet with me coz no one would sponsor me in case the need arises, I won’t be having any more discussions on “What is Love?” (Abhinav and Piyush’s fav topic for debate), I won’t be giving (to Abhinav) or taking (from Adi) pointers on how to woo a girl, I’ll miss the sucide bombings of Imran – he made any game fun, I’ll miss just sitting in lab, listening to songs, arranging 3-4 chairs and falling asleep, I’ll miss going to library to study and instead reading all magazines there, I’ll miss the times when we chose seats so that we can see some girl, I’ll miss the fads here (short hair, long hair, goatees, bald), I’ll miss all those strategies we made before any match, and the aftermath of any match, we relived the match ball-by-ball, frag-by-frag, the analysis of every single player, what I did right and what I did wrong, I’ll miss the the CS wave that would engulf us, one by one all systems would stop working on useless things and move on to useful things like CS, and then when the match would end Vidit’s war cry, “Coffee Time!!“, many people learnt this war cry from him and soon Shetty, Rocky, Khare, Ranta, Majji, Bedi all had just two words to say — Coffee Time, I’ll miss the loads of senti that did the rounds when something needed to be done, I’ve been on both the receiving and delievering end of heavy senti stuff, I’ll miss “Its okay…“, I’ll miss Vidit’s choice of songs for me, I’ve liked all songs he has chosen for me, I’ll miss mistrusting Vidit on all his movie choices, I’ll miss the romantic comedies I’d watch with Abhinav and then both would say “Girlfriend chhahiye..”, I’ll miss the big “Hi” with a killing smile from Dixit, I’ll miss the “I’m not drunk!!” dialogues from Piyush, I’ll miss all the discussions I had with Adi over ice-cream or coffee, I’ll miss all the portal matters I discussed with Parry, I’ll miss Jayaram’s horrendeous phattas, I’ll miss Majji calling from behind and then showing the finger, I’ll miss Poppy’s “Darling!!”, I’ll miss going for that special tea with Parivesh, I’ll miss playing with Osama’s name and defeating Maddy, I’ll miss Bedi’s cry of anguish or the victory cry coming from behind, shouting “Abe halbs bana!”, I’ll miss having tea with Rocky, I’ll miss watching CS videos and solving Friends trivia quiz with Khare, I’ll miss guessing the episode number of Friends by just watching one scene, I’ll miss the horrible food of our mess, I’ll miss Parry’s long complaints, I’ll miss making fun of people, I’ll miss being the scape-goat lots of times, I’ll miss the parties we used to extract from unsuspecting people, I’ll miss the goldfish effect by Jagan when he used to play quake, I’ll miss the lab, I’ll miss the hostel, I’ll miss IIIT, but most of all I’ll miss all my friends…

Mar 31st, 8:01 pm

Yesterday’s best dialogue
Scene: Farewell, only few people have turned up, even though it is half an hour late
Sangal Sir – Lets start with snacks and end with speeches, so that the people who turn up late suffer…
PJN Sir – Lets start with snacks and go on till the snacks last…

Its official…

I have represented all teams of our batch in the last matches and have lost all of them. With the loss to Dotts yesterday night, we are out of the CS tournament 😦 My gaming career screeched to a halt yesterday. I desperately wanted to win, maybe because of that I was not playing as I normally do. I sucked, my score is a testimonial to that.

I hate losing. I still like Keith Miller’s philosophy, I know it is only a game, but still – I hate losing.

Mar 29th, 1:20 pm

Losing sucks..

Our dream run ended, and it ended badly. CSI lost to Titans in aztec – in the winners bracket finals, losing was bad in itself, but the thing that irked us the most was the way we lost. They were lots better then us in terms of accuracy, but we prided ourselves on our team work. All our victories till now have been based only on proper coordination and team work. But defeat in three/four rounds and all our team work fell apart. But I’m sure we’ll come back strongly in the losers bracket finals.

Till now I always was a good loser. I always took it in sporting manner. I liked the philosophy of Keith Miller. But losing two games in a day, first in cricket and then in CS was bad. I think I’ll hold the record of losing all the last games of IIIT from our batch 😦 It started with football, then volleyball, next was basketball, then came cricket and now CS. I have been in all these teams, and we have not won any tournament this year.. But CS is not over yet.. We’ll try our level best. We have a genuine chance at being the IIIT champions. I hope we win…

March 28th, 12:15 pm

The Rumour

These days it is widely known among my school friends that I proposed to a girl, lets call her ABC, way back in 10th. But I am unable to understand one thing, how come I did not know about this for seven whole years!! After all if I had proposed to her, I belive I would remember such a thing.. 😀 And wait there is more.. She said no, and so I started talking rudely to her from then on.. Well this too is news to me.. And guess who the perpetrator of this news is? One of ABC’s closest friend.
I have this wild theory that maybe ABC left her spectacles at home, someone else proposed to her and she thought it was me.. Hmmm seems to be a nice theory…
I think on going home this time, I’ll propose and see what happens… 😛

Mar 25th, 8:18 pm

The four kinds of bumps… (Proper Data Mining Techniques Applied)

There are four kinds of bumps-

  1. Mishits: These are the ones that land where they are least intended. The champion of the Mishits turned out to be Imran. Three out of five were offmark. Bedi (He lived up to his name – BadAccuracy) also was a Mishit. Although all of Bedi’s kicks (I believe about four of them) were Mishits too, but Imran wins out in quality. So I crownImran the champion of Mishits.
  2. Shouters: These are the ones that land bang on target, echo around the room and a scream escapes you. You dread them, you anticipate them, but there is no escaping them. A swift kick and AHHHHH. Visesh wins hands down as the winner of this category. Although he had stiff competition from Parivesh, but thankfully Parivesh honoured me with just one of his kicks whereas Visesh went on a rampage. I remember about six kicks of him, after which I lost count.
  3. Silent Killers: These are the ones that land bang on target, you won’t even hear the kick on contact and not even a scream escapes you. All your insides are rattled, you want to scream and then you realize that even your voice has deserted you. While Shouters were swift, the Silent Killers are slow. The Silent Killer lines you up properly, gets everyone out of the firing range, sizes you up, takes aim, mocks a kick, tries another practice shot, grins for the camera, and then BOOOOOOOM you are hit. You have lost your tongue somewhere in the larynx… The winner of this category was Jayaram, he just outdid Ranta. Both of them hit two kicks each. But Jayaram did it with better timing. He had the last laugh, the last kick. They both were intent on more kicks, but thankfully God appeared in form of Abhinav and Aditya.
  4. Also-Kicked: Rest all the people fall in this category. These are the ones that are the most irksome. People keep on coming back to intervene with the Shouters and Silent Killers. They add Ghee to the fire. As compared to the above kicks these are nothing, but on a stand-alone basis these too are more then enough. The undisputed champion of this category was Ramneek, based only on the number of kicks he deployed – about 10 of them I’d say.

I was a witness to all of them from the worst vantage point. Hanging in mid-air, supported just by two pair of hands….. Ah, it was very painful!

So what I did on my birthday?
12:00 midnight – Played football. Unluckily I was the football
12:30 am – The Holi celebrations started early this time
2:00 am – An awesome choclate cake with the most innovative icing (Will upload a photograph asap)
2:30 am – Back to Lab and working on FYP. Demo at 3:15 (Just over 12 hrs left!!!) Work.. Nap.. Tea.. Work.. Tea.. Work.. Tea.. Tea.. Work.. Tea.. Majjj is a maniac. How can someone work that hard, for that long a time!! Hey its demo time already!
3:15 pm – The long wait begins.
4:05 pm – Majjj and I enter the room. Give presentation. Give no demo. Kamal Sir screws us.
4:45 pm – We leave the room, definitely screwed but happy that at last it has ended 🙂 A smile on my face for the first time in the day.
5:00 pm – CS time.
7:00 pm – Pizza time! With Abhinav off to Domino’s
9:30 pm – More CS time
2:00 am – Blissful sleep!!!

So “The Adventure of 23rd March” ends… Thanks to all for making it one of my most memorable days at IIIT.

Mar 25th, 7:57 pm

Meet the Blogger…

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I can be contacted at kunalblogs[at]gmail[dot]com.

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