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What is this movie that I am talking about ? Well it is “My Sassy Girl”. One of the most romantic movies I’ve seen. It is a Korean movie and I watched it with sub-titles.

The movie starts with the hero being forced to help the drunk heroine and going to the jail in doing so. The next night he again stumbles into her and gets very intrigued by her. They become friends and slowly their friendship blossoms. The movie which was going more like a comedy till now, evolves into a romantic movie. Ok, I agree by reading this you would be thinking, “So what is special about this?”. This is like any other romantic movie. But what is unlike any other movie here is the heroine. She says what she believes in. She is brash, she is rude, she slaps the hero around, she writes wacky stories and expects the hero to read and praise them, she exchanges her high heels with the hero’s sneakers, she wants to know the depth of the lake and so pushes the hero in. But she is also vulnerable and is very sweet. Just for the sake of heroine I can watch the movie many times more.

One of the better romantic movies. A must see. Right up there with “A Walk to Remember”..

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Feb 24th, 4:51 pm


2 Responses to “Review –> Yeopgijeogin geunyeo”

  1. 1 Utkarsh Khare February 25, 2005 at 1:16 am

    Kunal bhai . KHARE’s review .. shud’nt lead to rocky’s BLog .. right .. plz update .. 🙂 .. btw . nice review urself

  2. 2 Poorna Shashank February 25, 2005 at 10:55 am

    Already has me quite interested to wat ch My Sassy Girl.

    Anyways, for all you lovelorn romantics, Ill recommend you to watch Serendipity. ‘A walk to remember’ was a good one too. One of my best all time romantic movies. 🙂

    Keep blogging.

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