The French Connection..

After reading in Khare’s blog about his tussles with the whiskers, I too was inspired… 🙂 I thought why not, come on this is the last sem, if not now then when? This is the time to experiment.

So here goes, today I tried to carve my week old stubble into something resembling a French Cut. Ok I was not totally successful, but I had given it a shape somewhat like the actual French Cut. Initially I had thought of shaving it off once I saw how I looked. So I started taking people’s opinions. Khare laughed when he saw me (it seems he was jealous 🙂 since my beard is at least noticeable.. Just now on the dinner table he again asked me to shave it… He is still jealous :D), Bolero and Rocky were not laughing but they were neither supporting me. Sam was totally in favour of it, still I was thinking of shaving it off but Abhinav would not let me. He was vehemently against me shaving it off. So I let it be.

After some more opinions I have decided to keep it for another week. I know I look a bit weird, but who cares ????

Feb 20th, 8:50 pm


2 Responses to “The French Connection..”

  1. 1 @di February 24, 2005 at 3:46 pm

    good .. that u realised that u look wierd

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