Review:: Run Lola Run

Super movie. It is not Romantic exactly, it is not a Thriller too. It is a combo of the two. Lola runs and runs a lot to save her boy-friend Manni’s life.

Manni has screwed up a deal and his boss will kill him if he does not get 100,000 dollars in 20 minutes. So in desperation he calls up Lola and she asks him to stay put, telling him she’ll get the money somehow. And the movie begins, Lola runs. In the first attempt they get the money together but Lola dies. In the 2nd attempt Lola gets the money again, but this time Manni dies. In the 3rd attempt both get the money and no one dies!! Confused?? Yeah, I believe you would be.

The movie is very fast paced. The music is super, the songs that play when Lola runs (which is almost throughout the movie) are too good. And I loved Lola, her bright red hair, and her blue and green attire but especially the red hair. Another part of movie that is very different and kind of weird is the fast forward on anyone’s life. All the people whom Lola dashes into during her run, we see their future life in the form of 10-15 snapshots. Whenever Lola passes someone, we hear “And then…” and the snapshots show the future. Weird but nice. Great direction, great shots of the run, slick editing – but the biggest positive is Lola. She runs and she rocks. The part I liked the most is whenever Lola is running, her flaming hair all over and nice music playing in the background.

This movie is very different, but very enjoyable. A must see.

Feb 19th, 8:12 pm


2 Responses to “Review:: Run Lola Run”

  1. 1 Rakesh February 20, 2005 at 12:56 am

    Seems I’ll have to see this movie …
    Waise why so much stress on Red Hairs … any similarties or something !!

  2. 2 s February 22, 2005 at 8:00 pm

    dude .. evebdy like redHeads ..
    its not about hair .. its about .. being a redHead.

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