My first experience with blogging..

Here is the first instance of my blogging, at that time I did not give it any name, but now I know that it was my first tryst with blogging.. It is quality stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ that is what I feel.. I was screwed badly by Vidit and others for writing such a wrong, useless mail.. Your honest comments would be appreciated. (Well not too honest, please..)
Directly taken from my sent-mail

Let me start again from the beginning since some more of our esteemed friends have joined us in this endeavor to understand space. Or in consideration of constraint of space (oh! here it comes again) the new entrants are requested to read the stuff below.

So let me continue the discourse on space. Space, its importance lies in its simplicity, its invisibility. Have you ever considered space as an important attribute? Have you ever thought what the scenario would be if there was no space. Consider if instead of space some other symbol would be acting as delimiter.
Or even better consider if there was no delimiter,
thenimaginewhatthescenariowouldbe ?

Shakespeare said, "All the world is a stage". I agree he was a cognoscente but it would have been better had he extended it to include, "… and this stage is worthless without space". In absence of space, everyone jostles into each other, pushing around. Chaos and pandemonium everywhere!!

Space; take it in its spiritual sense. The levitation it affords to all.
In dearth of space.. Hey do not contemplate that I'm proselytizing you. But what I say and have said is absolutely true to the last word. The great Sa(i)nt Bansilal once said, "A bad throw begets a good catch". How true!! He said it in context of cricket but even he could not have imagined the far-reaching consequences of his saying. These days not only the cricket teams but all Multi-National-Companies are vying for the favours of the great Sa(i)nt. Oh sorry, I deviated from the main topic of our discourse.. Space. Space is 'The unlimited 3-dimensional expanse in which everything is located'. (Courtsey: WordWeb Dictionary). I would say that it is dimensionless or with n-dimensions where n tends to infinity. Our very own Einstein, Piyush would maybe like to throw some light on it.

Thank You
Especially to Sa(i)nt for lauding me in our mission to understand space. Remember this is not Mission: Impossible.

Bye. Enjoy.

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Vidit Bansal wrote:
Moronic or otherwise your effort to play with words was commendable (Commendable for trying it out with a musical lilt), still what amazes me is levels at which you analyze 'space'.
Spiritual space …I don't know
Emotional space …I can't comment now
Mental space in your context definitely refers to a big hole in your head.
A good fool begets a good shrink… a musical one begets a…

On Fri, 11 Sep 2003, Kunal wrote:

Password of the system changed to 'easy work' that is 'easy space work' where space is not taken in the spiritual or mental or emotional sense or level but at a practical level as in pressing the biggest key on the keyboard which is significant in the sense that it helps me in changing guns in quake, going to the selected object (villager/military unit/any building) in age and helps in jumping (virtually here not practically. I’m specifying in case u try to sue me for not providing complete information) in gta vice city. Disclaimer: the above information except the password was meant for morons. If you read it you know who you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry I forgot the space also gives boost (not bournvita Mr. Smart) in cricket 2002.

ha ha ha ha ha


Feb 16th, 2:33 pm


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