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I was tempted to just rip-off Rocky’s and Khare’s review of the movie. I totally agree with what they have written, but since I’ve never written a review for any movie, here it goes.

Simply put Black is *awesome*. I have not seen any movie that has had a more powerful impact. The acting … What the hell I’m bad at writing reviews, I cannot think of anything to add to what Rocky and khare wrote. So here are their whole reviews-

Rocky on Black

Movies like BLACK come once in a decade and may be 3-4 such
movies come over a century. Its really a masterpiece of a
genious, which stands tall among the mediocre films of bollywood.
I haven’t seen many of Satyajit Ray, Gurudatta or Bimal Roy
works, who are called the greatest of greats in bollywood.
But I am sure that with this movie SLB deserves a place equal
to them.

This movie, I think is very diffent from the all other SLB movies.
Its like “Mera Name Joker” of RajKapoor. A movie very different
from his earlier movies (except may be Khamoshi), but at the
same time containing that very special signature of SLB.

OK coming to movie… I don’t know much about the technical
details like screenplay or cinematography and things like that
… but in a pure layman’s language… The story was very touching
… The scenes and picturization were too good… the absence of
colors (not exactly) and the powerful use of shades of white, black
and grey makes every scene wonderful.

The acting of all the actors were superb. The acting of Ayesha
Kapoor(young Mitchell) and the Rani Mukherjee(mature mitchell)
is very enchanting. I always knew that Rani is a good actress but
this time her acting was far superior from all of her earlier works.
She was like living the character of Mitchell in herself.

Amitabh as usual has done gr8 but this time his role as an teacher
(Devraj) is very very different and challenging, I don’t think anybody
else could have equalled his performance. Anyway I found him a little
overacting in the later part where he acts an Alzheimer patient and
also the make up of Amitabh for this part sucks.

There are some scenes in the movie which I can’t forget. Like the one
where young Mitchell learns the meaning of words.
The speech which Rani makes when sister is getting engaged and also
when finally she completes her graduation.

I don’t expect this movie to be financially successful and I guess
even Bhansali didn’t make this to make money. I have never seen
the blind and deaf people so closely before this movie. This movie
shows us that they are also humans and they too have feelings. Its
indeed a very brave effort from the director.
Great work Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

I think this movie is made totally from `Dil Se`. So just watch it,
if you like listening to your heart.

Khare on Black

I am not a movie buff, but of all the movies I have ever seen, I think Black is amongst The Best. Sunil summed it up pretty well in the end “If this does’nt win an Oscar .. what will”. The story is definately a brave deviation from everyday masala movies or for that matter most of the movies that we see. The experience of seeing Black was like seeing ‘Anand’ for the first time, except that it was more close to life than Anand. I am told that this movie is inspired from a real life story of someone named Hellen Keller. Something like this has happened in someone’s life and think about it, it most probably happens to blind and deaf people everyday.
Black is a story from the heart, for the heart. Even a guy like me, who takes life on a day to day basis, a rather happy go lucky attitude, finds it touching. It tells us how exactly is the world for a blind and deaf person. Imagine being in a room, where there are no lights and everyone speaks in a language which makes no sense to you, basically because you yourself have no idea what conclusion to draw from the sounds you are hearing. That’s what life is for these people, every minute, every hour, every day, every year, all life.
And then, comes into little mitchell’s life, GOD. She calls him, her teacher. At first she has trouble understanding what teacher means, but he teacher her that too. Her first words maa, papa, and then teacher. Just goes to show the importance of these three people in her life. Slowly she learns everything that she needs to. And then she even goes on to become a grad student, thanks to the guidance of her teacher.
For me, every scene was a experience worth remembering. The movie has been rather beautifully picturized. At no part of the movie would you feel bored or would feel that the movie has come to a standstill. Especially since the start of her college life, the movie has become from being good to a classic. I liked the part in the movie where she appears for her interview. When asked what is knowledge for you, she replies for me “knowlwdge is my teacher”. Another scene which I liked a lot was the part where her mother sees her using the spoon for the first time, and says to Mr. Sahay ” you have made a fine lady out of my daughter, thank you .. “, and then breaks off crying. Yet another scene, where she talks to her mother on phone to tell her that she has failed in her exams yet again, I think that was rather beautifully picturized. I think that the scene where Amitabh reads her speech on her sister’s engagement party is also good. And at the top of the list of wonderful scenes, the speech in the end on her graduation day from Rani mukherjee is simple superb.
Acting wise, for me, I feel the lady playing the role of Rani’s mom did a SPLENDID job. Rani and Amitabh are pros and great acting IS expected from them and they do deliver the results with a power packed performance. But the surprise package is the girl playing young mitchell ( Ayesha Kapoor ?? ). She was definately great at her part. She did seem to bring out the helpnessness in Mitchell pretty well.
Overall, a must must must must must must must see movie. A great story, wonderful performances and great direction .. what else can you ask for ?


Thank you guys for your awesome reviews.. 🙂

Feb 13th, 2:15 pm

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