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This time around Felicity was all about fun. No more organising, no more begging, no more hassles. It was pure, unadulterated fun. :))

On day-1 Adi and I participated in Collage-Making and Vidit, Rocky, Adi and I also went for Biz-Understanding. After making a fool of ourselves at both the events we were back to what we do best – doing nothing. In the evening it was time for Bombay Vikings, the guy is a great singer.
Throughout the day the one thing that stood out was CS. The gaming tournament had started and there were hundreds of participants for all three games. Majji was the main organiser and we, the CSI clan had also participated in CS. That day we didn’t have any match and just practiced in all kinds of stupid maps. I was in nice form .. 🙂

Day-2 came and went fast. Actually the day started quite late with me waking up after 1:00. As soon as I reached the lab, I was told that we had a match with Jedi in the tournament. Ok, so all of us got ready.. polished our mouses, got our headphones, decided on the strategies and started playing in inferno with us as initially CT. All our strategies seemed to be useless as those people won the first two rounds quite easily. They had magnums and all sorts of big guns, and we had small paltry pistols. We made a small change in strategy and then Majjj went mad. He alone killed four people, and we won the next round!! From then on we never looked back. We won the CT round 8-4, and then finished them of with a 5-0 win as Ts. It was quite a comeback!! Majjj led the scores both as T and CT. My form from yesterday continued to today and I put up a good show. But the man of the match was undisputedly Majjj. He turned the match around…

Day3 had in store for us even more fun then the previous two days. We had our CS match with the best clan of Hyderabad, the 4mac (TM previously) clan. They massacred us in dust2. We played well, it was not as if we were bad, but those guys were just awesome. Half the time I didn’t know from where I was getting hit. And that too in a map which we have explored more then any other map. We got screwed but we put up a brave show. Majjj again led the scores and this time I was second in scores. But we had much more deaths then we had kills. We lost 13-3, but I believe any other clan from our college would not have been able to get on the scoreline. The 4mac guys eventually won the contest. The other semifinalists decided not to play with them as they were too good and decided them the winners among themselves.
In the evening it was time for the dances. For the first time in his life Adi performed a western dance and he did it well. His group won the 3rd prize. After that it was Mr. & Miss Felicity and some more crap. But the main attraction of the night was the party thrown by Abhinav. Sam, Nipun, Raheja, Jayaram, Akhil, Rocky, Khare, Ranta, Deadly, Vidit, Piyush, Abhinav and me were the beneficiary of Abhinav’s largesse.

On returning to the ground for the DJ, we found Amal walking around with a platefull of chillies. He was looking for people who will eat 4 of the chillies in lieu of an ice-cream. He himself started the craziness by eating 5 of them and then he caught hold of all the girls and eventually the girls took revenge by making many guys eat the chillies. Rocky cried and Adi puked but they put up a game show. I somehow managed to rescue the chillie feat. And then it was dance thru the night. Adi, Rocky, AC, Sam etc were the great dancers and KG, Piyush, Amal, Abhinav, Vidit and me – the people with two left feet. Abhinav turned out to be an impostor, he danced well!!

Another thing which I almost miseed. Vidit and the story of Zombie. Courtsey Jayaram, the song was dedicated to all the lovely 4th year guys who have made it to IIMs, a rather precise description of Vidit 🙂 Where ever Vidit went, be it the tea shop or any contest, she was everywhere. Eventually all the girls of our batch became the leaders in teasing him, as we all took a backseat. Zombie was sung again by them, and it was again dedicated to Vidit. 🙂

In short, Felicity was never more fun !!!

Feb 7th, 10:35 pm

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