The match between Undecided (Khare, Vidit, Sam, Jayaram, Shetty with Deadly as the substitute) and Jedi (2nd years) had started. Sam had just a won a game for their team, he killed 4 Ts and the whole lab erupted!! And then the Dean enters. He comes looking for his FYP students and instead he finds all his favourite students there shouting at the top of their voices. And then he made us revisit the Compliers class… 🙂

He started off with the Online Programming Contest, and quickly moved on to his favourite topic – Marriage. The first guy to be married today was Khare. Jayaram as usual was leading the show for us students, doing nothing but just airing the fire. Quickly he moved on to Shri-Ram Sachin. Alas, he was not in the lab and escaped the fun! The others who came in the line of fire were Amal – the Chennai guy, Shetty – the silent killer, Raheja and his towers. But the guy who stole the limelight was Rocky. Rocky has a Hindu kept on his CPU. Dean picks it up, “Ah! What is this? Oh.. Hindu.. this newspaper is for people like me..” Saying this he starts reading the newspaper and to our and to his absolute delight he finds it out to be the Matrimonial Section. He looks around amusedly, his gaze finally resting on Rocky (cortsey all of us in lab, who all shouted out Rocky in unison) and then Rocky starts blabbering, “Sir but it is not mine…” Neither we nor Sir cared to whom the newspaper belonged and a part of the Matrimonial Section was read by Sir with the usual gusto. Poor Rocky !!! 😀 :)) Finally we told Sir about the gaming contest and he let us continue the match.

Feb 2nd, 5:10 pm

P.S. – Undecided lost the match to Jedi


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  1. 1 PRC February 6, 2005 at 10:00 pm

    Too good to be true… hehe… that was a good one…

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