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Cache In

And the online treasure has been found. After lots of scribbling, solving, cursing, shouting and googling finally Majjj and I completed the Treasure Hunt with 318 points. May get some more points, hopefully! I think we are in top-9 (9 teams are getting the prize), but nothing can be said for sure until the results are out. Anyways surely will get a T-Shirt. :))

Cache-In has done what many profs and many courses have been unable to do. It seems to me that after years I sincerely sat down for anything and solved a problem diligently. I have filled more pages in these past two days, then in the previous 4 semesters. 😐

Today I again saw the awesome power of Google. Of course it helped us a lot during Cache-In, but the best was saved for the last. Got an image during Online Quiz (Answer-42). Some guy screaming his head out while shouting some gibberish. I don’t remember exactly what he was shouting but it was something like – “FDJRK”. I searched for this nonsense on Google, and that too in image-search and I got the exactly same image I was looking for !!! Google rocks… Anyways with lots of help from Jayaram (sorry Jayaram, I know you did all the questions but let me take some credit.. ) and Rocky (Ha, now this guy helped me, or was it the other way round ?? Again he is the one who told me what to search for.. ) I finally submitted 11 correct answers, 3 total flukes and for decency’s sake left one question unanswered. Waiting for solutions tomorrow.

Feb 2nd, 12:18 am

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