XLRI + CSI + Party

Gave XLRI.. The reporting time was 9am and the exam started at 10:00. Why do they call us so early? Just to make us stand, wondering about the future and pondering over all kind of stuff.. Why I gave XLRI I have no idea. I think I have done bad. Attempted many questions, but quant may lead to my downfall. Was blank while doing it, and was not paying any attention to it. My mind had diverted to more important and more philosophical things in life, that is the impending, much awaited match of Counter-Strike.

The CSI Clan – Majji (xXx), Unni (SlipStream), Venki (Adept), Shrek (_Esuko_)and I (Sp4cE) had registered for the CS tournament at Reliance Web World. Our match was to start at 4:00, so we reached there about an hour earlier for practicing on their systems. They were playing CS-1.5, and we are habituated to play CS-CZ. So it was a bit of problem for us to get attuned to their systems and the setting there.. We were in nice form coming up to the tournament as we had defeated our juniors quite easily. But on the D-Day our main players, Majji and Unni seemed off-colour. They were in bad form. Also we were very frustoo as we had been waiting for the other team from approx 2:30 and the match ultimately started after 6.. Almost 4 hrs of irritating wait, with the blaring sounds all around had not left us in a mood to play. And eventually we lost. I was in ok form, got 5 headshots with pistol in the first round (It was the only silver lining in otherwise a very dark cloud for me). We came out from there in a foul mood and then I got a sms that Anubhav and Jagan were partying us at eat-street. It seemed that finally something was going right in the day, but I was again proved wrong.

Majji and I reached eat-street around 7:00. It was jam-packed, with no signs of others. We roamed around for 1/2 an hr looking for a place to sit, albeit unsuccessfully. Jayaram joined us at about 7:30 and he immediately found some chairs, thanks to him at least for the subsequent wait of 2 hrs we were seated. Yeah, they came at 9:30 after leaving college at 7:00. Again another wait, it seemed that this Sunday had been especially marked for waiting. Well from now on the day went fine. Had pizzas and sandwiches and chola-bhatura and raj-kachori and noodles and frankies and polished off everything with a very nice coffee.

But the day had been one for the inevitable waits. First one-hr wait for XLRI, then four-hrs wait for CS and then more then two-hrs wait for dinner. In all the waiting time that Sunday exceeded seven hours !!

Jan 10th, 10:00 am


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