Score – 52. Did bad, should have done better. Very bad accuracy in DI and english. In quant accuracy was fine. Attempts were fine, around 90.

And sadly, the test match did not end today. It is evenly poised, although I think India has a slight advantage. 210 runs needed in 90 overs, with 10 wickets in hand. Perfectly achievable. And Kumble passed Akram too today, he is now at 415 wickets.

piyush is busy preparing for his GRE tomorrow and vidit is studying hard for his PR test tomorrow. Both as uaual are frustated. vidit a bit and piyush a lot.

Regarding my going home, bhai says I’ll lose the tempo for CAT if I go home. I know he is right but I’ll still go home, as I think the break will do more good than bad. So I’ve told dad to get my return tickets. Have also got the admit cards for CAT and JMET. Both centers are in Hyderabad. Will have to go sometime and take a look where they are.

We are planning a trip somewhere after the 8th sem. vidit is of the opinion of a secluded place, and abhinav favours any hill-station. So we have decided on a secluded hill-station (This is what is called Democracy!!). As of now we don’t know any such place, but we’ll surely find it. We are thinking of going in May last week. That is a long time from now, but it is fun planning..

Oct 17th, 10:07 pm


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