Another 700/- gone down the drain. Today applied for JMET. They had lots of weird funda. Scanned photograph, scanned signature (?!?!) etc. And the worst part was paying the fees. You have to be a wizard to figure that one out. After lots of deliberations, I finally did it. The only compensation was the awsome Cold-Swiss-Chocolate at Hi-Tech. It was too good.

Today I’m absolutely free. I have no idea on what I should do. No, I am not going to study today. Actually, this morning when I woke up (ya, for a change I was awake at 8:30 today) I thought of writing a FLT, but then the turn of events did not allow me to do so.

Today I fulfilled some of my duties as a TA. I checked the projects today and graded them based on the work they did after the previous submission. Also got my end-sem timetable. My exams start and end on 2nd Nov. How great is that!! Now I am seriously contemplating going home for Diwali, just have to convince mom and dad 😀

Got a great wallpaper of Amrita Rao, she is looking absolutely stunning. Saw DCH once again, that movie remains as good as ever. Actually it seemed better then before. I think I’ve been watching boring movies for too long. I should stop watching movies for a while and just continue with Friends.

It is after midnight and I am feeling a tad tired. So bye…
Oct 14th, 12:15 am


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